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Beth Moore: Delivered

I received the hardcover book, Delivered, from BookLook Bloggers. I am grateful to have received another great book by the New York Times Bestselling Author, Beth Moore. Here's a brief

Book Description
Based on her bestselling book, Get Out of That Pit, Beth Moore delivers a stirring message of sheer hope, utter deliverance, and glorious freedom of God.
God is in the deliverance business. He longs for you to be free, to know the love and presence that are better than life—and the power of His Word that defies all darkness. In Delivered, Beth Moore shares her own journey out of the pit and the way the poetic expressions of Psalm 40 rewarded her with a new song for her soul—given by her Savior and offered to you here in this soul-stirring book. You also can be free from the worst life has to offer and learn to take Christ’s mighty arm when he reaches into the depths and says in a way you can finally hear, Need a hand?
Beth Moore: Delivered

Book Review

The author shares a few moments of her story with honesty and transparency. In that way, I believe she is able to lead people through the journey of life in the pit and then offer helpful insights to live a new life of freedom by trusting in God. Beth's approach to painful situations and finding hopeful resolutions is always based on the truth of God's word. So, unlike most self-help books, the author shares how crying out for help, confessing our wrong-doings, and surrendering to the Lord daily offers a pit-less future. This small hardcover book is filled with many scripture references encouraging the reader to know Christ and His redeeming power of grace, especially Psalm 40:1-2.

4/5 stars. I recommend it. 

The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because the font size is too small. 

Delivered: Experiencing God's Power In Your Pain

Thank you BookLook Bloggers for this great read in exchange for my honest review.

Happy Reading!

Lady D

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