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Review: The Love Letters from God

Review: Love Letters from God

The Friday 56

God's Wonderful Words to You
"And you can be sure that I am always with you. (Matthew 28:20)"
This children's picture book is 40 pages, so I used the last page to participate in this book meme. Here's an example of one of the "flip-the-flaps."
Your Invitation

God would like to invite _______


To join Jesus' team


Right where you are


Right now

What Do I Need to Bring?

Just yourself

If you would like to join Jesus' team and have Jesus with you always, please reply by letter.

Love, from God

P.S. Don't worry about mailing your reply. Just write it inside the envelope on the next page. (I can see in there!)


Book Description

What child does not love to receive mail? What if that child could receive, open and read his or her own personal mail from God? The Love Letters from God will invite them to do just that! Accompanying each story in this unique children’s Bible is a very special and encouraging letter, each tucked away in its own lift-the-flap envelope, just for them. Written for children ages four to eight, the Love Letters from God includes eighteen of the most popular Bible stories—nine from the Old Testament and nine from the New Testament. Following each story the child will find his or her own letter from God. Children will love the excitement of opening the letters and parents will love how each letter elaborates on the Bible story being told. A very special Bible verse, entitled God’s Wonderful Words To You will accompany each story and letter. Much more than a mere memory verse, each carefully chosen promise will be God’s very own personal words of love, encouragement, and hope. This book will culminate in an invitation for the children to write their own RSVP to God.

Love Letters from God: Bible Stories 

My Review

This is the best "lift-the-flap" book that provides great Biblical information with a fresh approach by using pint size postcards just for children to read. These love letters from God are real treasures of His affirming love to everyone. The author echos a strong spiritual message here. Each page is filled with beautiful illustrations that give a scrap book feel, like a colorful quilt. I am very impressed with the beauty of detail and richness of the layout of Biblical scriptures woven in story form. This is an excellent visual journey for the reader. What a delight for young people and their parents. Makes a great gift, plus a wonderful addition to home and church library.

5/5 stars. I recommend the book to my friends.

I received this book from BookLookBloggers in exchange for my honest review. 

Another Example of Love Letters from God 

Dear _____

A lot of bad things happened to poor Joseph. No wonder he sometimes felt so sad. If you ever feel sad like Joseph did, if something happens in your life, that you just can't understand, try to remember that you are never alone. I promise I will never, never leave you. And that's a promise I will always keep.

Your Promise Keeper, 


About the Authors

Glenys Nellist was born and raised in a little village in northern England. Her stories and poems have been published in children’s magazines where her writing reflects a deep passion for bringing the Bible to life for young children. Glenys lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with her husband, David.

Sophie Allsopp grew up in a small English village and Hong Kong, where she particularly enjoyed living in a hotel and going to school on a tram. After studying for her illustration degree, Sophie won several awards and has now been illustrating for over 20 years. She lives in England with her husband, son, and a cat called Sadie.

Love Letters from God: Bible Stories

I loved the book and am so grateful for the opportunity to share it with my grandchildren.

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Review: High Protein Raw Food Cookbook

Review: High Protein Raw Food

High Protein Raw Food Cookbook: 100 Truly Easy and Yummy High Protein Recipes for the Raw Food Lifestyle

The Friday 56  (56% reader)

" Let the almonds soak for 8 hours, the flax seeds for 8 hours, and the sunflower seeds for 2 hours." -- Jon Symons

About The Book

As a raw foodie, can you guess what question I get asked most often?

Well, it isn't, "how much weight have you lost?" or, "have you seen a dramatic improvement in your health?" (yes), or, "do you generally just feel a lot better on a raw food diet?" (yes), or, "is it true you have more energy than ever on your diet?" (yes)... no, the question I get asked the most is...

"Where do you get your protein?" (ugh!)

"Ugh" Not only do I get tired of answering the same question over and over, but also because the question is misguided.

The fact is that it is easy to get enough protein on a raw or plant-based diet, and I've written this book to demonstrate just that.

And no, my recipes aren't bland mixtures of foods clinically formulated to provide protein requirements. These are amazingly yummy raw meals and drinks like: raw hot chocolate, cashew pesto sauce, raw tortilla chips, raw cinnamon rolls with icing, breakfast crepes, raw chili, macaroni and cheese, and raw lasagna.

You get the point. These meals are quick and easy to make, amazingly tasty and they provide plenty of protein.

I visited my parents recently and my mom made a raw dinner for our family. All the dishes were from my book. Being the trouper that she is, she also prepared "normal" (non-raw and non-vegan) versions of the main dishes for my dad (let's just say he isn't known for being open to new foods). Much to everyone's surprise, my dad never touched the normal versions of the dishes, and was asking for seconds of the raw dishes.

In the beginning of the book, I lay out all the facts you'll need to prove to yourself and your concerned friends that a raw or plant-based diet provides all the protein you need, even if you're a high-performance athlete like Carmelo Anthony and Venus Williams (both of whom eat a plant-based diet).

Each recipe comes with its protein content in grams per serving. Use the introduction section to calculate how much protein you really need per day (much less than you've been led to believe) and then add up your meals' protein content and you will be enjoying the amazing benefits of the raw food lifestyle with none of the "where do you get your protein?" concerns.

Being a raw food chef myself, I've also included the "total time" involved for each recipe. If you're like me, you've probably pulled out your favorite raw cookbook and start preparing a meal for tonight's dinner only to find out there is 18 hours of dehydrating time that wasn't mentioned in the recipe. In this book, I break down soaking times, marinating times and dehydrating times and prep times, so you'll know exactly how far in advance you need to begin to prepare each meal.

Also, I'm a simple chef. I don't like having to buy a package of something for $8 from the health food shop that I'll only need in a raw recipe once every 2 years. With these recipes, I've made sure they can all be made with common and readily available ingredients.

And finally, I've made sure that the recipes can all be accomplished quickly and easily. While some do have extra hours needed for dehydrating or soaking, the actual preparation times are, in most cases, quicker than traditional home cooked meals.

Give my High Protein Raw Food Cookbook a try and start eating and feeling better right away.

My Thoughts

The author presents a very meaningful message for better health, explaining the benefits in eating raw foods. I was impressed with the plethora of excellent information regarding the need for protein; just how much to have and why we need protein. There is so much to learn here. What I especially like is the valuable content on soaking nuts and seeds, along with understanding enzyme inhibitors. This is not a hard, technical book to understand but one of superb recipes that are simple to make with a little bit of prep work involved. You can confidently share with family and friends that you are indeed getting enough protein with many plant based foods. I have tried 21 delicious recipes so far and I am recommending the book to friends. I don't want them to miss out in having overall better health.

5/5 stars.

Here's a peek at recipe titles that I like so far:

1. Zucchini Pasta with Spicy Lemon Pepper Salad
2. Cinnamon Pancakes with Fruit Topping
3. Banana Pecan Pancakes
4. Blueberry Pancakes
5. Easy Breakfast Tropical Fruit Bowl
6. Raw Chili
7. Raw Tortilla-Style Soup
8. Collard Green Veggie - Nut Wraps
9. Walnut - Stuffed Bell Pepper
10. Spring Rolls with Chile Sauce
11. Raw Corn, Avo and Black Bean Salad
12. Cuke - Avo Soup with Cilantro
13. Nutty - Veggie Burgers
14. Burritos with Spicy Zucchini Sauce
15. Spaghetti and Nut Meatballs
16. Taco Salad Dinner
17. Raw Ravioli with Red Pesto
18. Fruit Salsa
19. Eggplant Fries (tamari/chipotle powder)
20. Banana Maple Walnut Ice Cream
21. Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Cashew Pest with Basil

2 c. basil leaves
1/2 c. olive oil
3/4 c. raw cashews, soaked several hours
1-2 large garlic cloves
1 handful watercress or parsley
Juice of 1 lemon, pinch of salt

Pulse for 30 seconds, slowly. Pour in olive oil.

High Protein Raw Food Cookbook: 100 Truly Easy and Yummy High Protein Recipes for the Raw Food Lifestyle

One of my grandson's eating choices is all natural, raw fruits and vegetables. Yes, he likes Mac n' Cheese along with the other 4 grandchildren... but Ryan eats mostly raw foods.  As I get older, I find myself changing in the area of food choices. How about you?

What are you reading this week and are you enjoying it?

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Asian or African Elephant?

Safari Park: Elephants

Safari Park: Elephants

Many times throughout the year I like to visit the San Diego Safari Park. I enjoy bringing my camera along, always hoping for some great shots. I must say, the elephant exhibit is phenomenal! Experiencing the elephants up close, surrounded in the beautiful preservation with natural colors, is quite I sight. The fact that they are safe from poachers comforts my heart immensely. The bond between these two was quite an experience to witness. My outing reminded me of an E-book I like.

 Friday #56

"A mother elephant will fight to protect her baby and the other elephants in the herd will join in and help her."

Elephants: Children's Book About Elephants: Fun Facts And Pictures (Fun To Learn Series 2)

About The Book

  • What an elephant looks like.
  • Where do elephants live?
  • What do elephants do all day?
  • Who is an elephant's enemy?
My Review

I know that elephants have a very good memory but I didn't realize they have six sets of teeth because they eat so much. This is just one bit of information provided by the author who has a plethora of elephant facts for children and adults to enjoy. I really like this very educational and engaging book. It's a great story for young readers, explaining how elephants live, eat and communicate. In addition to all of the wonderful information, the pictures of the elephants are quite nice. Plus, there's a bonus quiz added in the back of the book. A sweet presentation of mama and baby Sarita discussing the differences between Asian and African elephants.

5/5 stars. I would recommend to a friend.

Elephants: Children's Book About Elephants: Fun Facts And Pictures (Fun To Learn Series 2)

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 “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis