He Will Come Back

Dear Readers,

I am living in a very different world right now. I never thought in my lifetime I would experience these humungous changes due to the virus. Many of my friends say we are living in the last days and that it's going to get worse. Well, I woke up thinking about the lovely day ahead of me. How I have experienced self-confinement for 5 weeks now. That means I have had lots of time to read my Bible and do some outdoor gardening.

I think the bottom line is: Jesus will return physically to this world during the great Day of the Lord to establish His kingdom. In the meantime, believers are to walk worthy and battle faithfully as they impact this world for Christ! Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Does The Mission grip the mind and heart of early believers and yours also? Acts 1:1-8
  2. Are you anticipating the work of the Spirit in your life? Acts 1:8
  3. Is this a conviction of yours, the reality of seeing Jesus again? This is the core belief of early Christians. Acts 1: 9-11
I am pretty sure a change is coming. What we're experiencing may be the birth pains... Here are some important truths regarding the return of Christ:

  1. You will see Jesus in the future! (either at His return or at death) Acts 1:11
  2. It will be the same, Jesus. He will find you!
  3. It will be a physical return.
  4. It will be in the clouds. Matt. 24:30
  5. Do not set return dates. Matt. 24:36-38
You know, there's a lot of info out there regarding views on the rapture...
All I know is that I want to be ready to receive Him. To take this time to evangelize others. To actively serve Christ and yield to the Lord daily.

Happy reading!


Lady D

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