Book Review: No Longer a Slumdog

No Longer A Slumdog: LadyD Books Review

Awhile back, I shared a snippet from No Longer a Slumdog: Bringing Hope to Children in Crisis. I was so deeply moved by the book. Then a missionary from India spoke at my church regarding the same subject. Here are my thoughts on this very moving outreach. The pictures I'm sharing in this post are not from the book itself but I think it's a great visual to give you a feeling of what's going on in India.

People of India

My Review

This is no ordinary book! It is more of a biography of literally millions of children who are finding that the power of God is far greater than their own desperate circumstances. The author shares unimaginable stories of boys and girls who have walked a myriad of paths. Many tragedies move you to tears while others find you rejoicing with those who have been rescued out of the darkness and now know the love of Jesus through BOH (Bridge of Hope). I was deeply touched in hearing about a girl named Asha and her sister who were abandoned on a train by their mother in sheer desperation. Fortunately they were brought to the shelter. This book made me aware of the sad and painful reality of so many children suffering from extreme poverty, exploitation and abuse. The upside of this humble appeal is for us to help sponsor a child or help financially what God is blessing. It is so remarkable. South Asia's many children are receiving nutritious meals, education and health care. Continue to pray for the missionaries and all the children in India. Hope is growing. I am inspired.

5/5 stars. Recommend to friends.

family farming in India

Thank you to K.P. Yohannan, founder and International Director for this outreach ministry. 70, 000 boys and girls have different lives now through bridge of Hope.

Bringing hope to India

You can sponsor and rescue a child from South Asia online,

A Radical Difference Through Bridge of Hope

  • Instead of slave labor, they are now in school -- something they could have never dreamed of without Bridge of Hope.
  • Instead of tattered rags, they now dress in clean school uniforms -- the nicest clothes they have ever owned.
  • Instead of scraps, they now have nutritious meals -- no longer having to go to bed hungry.
  • Instead of being maimed, they receive medical checkups.
  • Instead of being abused, they now experience true love in Jesus' name!
A new day is dawning... No longer a slum dog! Won't you respond?

No Longer a Slumdog: Bringing Hope to Children in Crisis

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God's Beloved Daughters

God's Beloved Daughters

Book Description

Both a daily devotional and an in-depth Bible study, God’s Beloved Daughters is a tool “to strengthen and establish and to exhort and comfort and encourage you in your faith” (I Thessalonians 3:2). Wife, mother, student, teacher, lawyer, doctor, businesswoman, pastor – despite all of these titles, there is one role that takes priority over all others – daughter! Our heavenly identity not only defines and characterizes every other relationship we take part in, it prioritizes our daily motivation.

The Friday #56 (56% e-reader)

"Whenever my children were veering a bit off the path of expected behavior - a temper tantrum, a sulk, an obvious trifling with worldly values - an honest and open conversation with them reviewing together expectations and the right way to go always restored them to the better way, and to peace."
My Review

Wonderful words of love and encouragement are discovered within the pages of this beautiful devotional. I found it to be true that with daily reading comes reflection with an opportunity for personal application. You'll discover a new attitude (faith builder) being shaped within you in honoring your creator. Plus, a peace and graciousness that will abide with you in quiet confidence in learning more about truth. Reading God's word will free you from fears and moral conflicts. Who wouldn't want to be elegant and gentle with their reaction towards harsh, abrasive criticism. The more into the book you get, you'll find yourself rejoicing with a happy heart. Overall, this special devotional will energize your spirit as you understand scripture. I believe the author's heart desire is for God's word to change your life with a powerful renewed perspective. May it color your day in understanding His great love for you as you center your time in reading this awesome devotional!

5/5 stars! Highly recommend to friends. The author has a special testimony and sensitive writing skill of communicating.
About The Author

Merrilynn Grodecki’s ministry in Christian education as teacher and headmaster developed within her a passion to help God’s daughters walk in the fullness of His blessings according to His Word—their birthright in Christ. She and her husband, Jim, have two children and one granddaughter and live on Cape Cod.

God's Beloved Daughters: Daily Discovering the Blessings

Happy Reading!

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Review: Really Woolly Nighttime Lullabies

Really Woolly Nighttime Lullabies

                                                      Bonnie Rickner Jensen, illustrated by Donna Chapman.

About The Book

Sweet bedtime lullabies and prayers . . . just before you turn out the light.
A case-bound padded board book from the Really Woolly® brand gives children sweet lullabies to help them fall asleep. Little ones will love the charming Really Woolly illustrations, engaging verse, and Scripture from the International Children’s Bible® that allow them to drift off in sweet dreams, knowing they are loved and safe. Prayer starters also encourage children to end their day talking to God.
Other books in the series regularly appear on bestseller lists and have sold more than 850,000 copies.
Really Woolly products by DaySpring® include cards, videos, and gift and are Dayspring’s bestselling children’s brand.

The Friday #56

"Take a walk down storybook lane, Along the sleepy shore... Where anything that you can dream is waiting to be explored."

My Review

What a charming book of sing-song rhymes for the young and old. My 7-year-old grandson loves to read these precious lullabies to his younger brother before bedtime. The verses are so loving and comforting for little ones. The many brightly colored illustrations depict fun outdoor nature scenes with colorful sunsets, plus playful sheep, bunnies, turtles and so much more. The board book is just the right size. The contents inside are well organized.

Little One
Folded Hands
I Pray
Lullaby Sky
Follow Me, Moon
Sweet Dreams
Love You
Night's Light
Good Night!
Thank You, God
Bedtime Prayer

My all-time favorite picture and bedtime prayer is the very last one. Woolly Sheep, bunny, and chick are resting in a hammock while a happy bluebird sings:  "Your love is so great that it is higher than the skies. Your truth reaches to the clouds." Psalm 108:4

5/5 stars! Recommend to friends. Great for home and Sunday School library. Very engaging for children and the words set the mood for night time slumber!
Really Woolly Nighttime Lullabies

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Characteristics of the Monarch Butterfly in Scripture

Monarch Butterfly: LadyD Books

                                                  photo credit: Butterfly via photopin (license)

The Characteristics Of The Monarch Butterfly In Scripture

The unique ability of the monarch butterfly to tolerate the toxins of the milkweed plant provides a picture of the need of Christians to endure the bitterness of discipline, trial, and persecution.

The monarch butterfly absorbs bitter toxins during its early development, which protects its life when it matures. Similarly, God allows harsh experiences of our youth. "It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth... He giveth his cheek to him that smitten him... For the Lord will not cast off for ever." Lamentations 3:27, 30-31

"But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, establish, strengthen, settle you." 1Peter 5:10

More importantly, bitter experiences help us to conform us to the image of Christ. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose. For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son..." Romans 8:28 - 29

Perhaps the most spectacular characteristics of the butterfly that illustrates conformity to Christ is its transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. In going through its metamorphosis, it not only illustrates the truth of Christ's resurrection, but also the principle of the birth, death, and fulfillment of a vision.

"It is sown in dishonor; it is raised in glory..." 1 Corinthians 15:43

Beautiful colored monarch butterfly
                                                        photo credit: Monarch on echinacea via photopin (license)

How is the benefit of bitter experiences illustrated in the world of nature?

A beautifully colored monarch butterfly felt itself being jerked from the sky by a hungry predator which seemed to come from nowhere.

It's blue-crested captor flew up to its nest. The stunned monarch was then released a few inches from three hungry mouths that were open wide, demanding to be fed. Just then the mate of the blue jay arrived and dropped a large juicy grasshopper at the feet of its young.

Immediately, the blue jay tore apart the grasshopper and poked the bits and pieces into each eager mouth. Then it looked around for additional food.

The jay that had brought in the monarch watched in total surprise as its more mature mate stepped over to the monarch, picked him up, and dropped him out of the nest. The uninjured monarch flew away to the fragrant flowers of the field below.

This unexpected freedom was the result of what the monarch experienced when he was young. During his caterpillar stage, the bitter leaves of a poisonous plant was the only food available to him. Amazingly, he was not damaged by the toxins in the plant. However, they would remain in his system for the rest of his life.

It was this very diet that had now saved him from the hungry mouths of the blue jays. When the blue jay saw the monarch, the jay was immediately reminded of the first and last monarch that it had ever caught.

Hoping to satisfy its hunger, the blue jay had swallowed a monarch in midair. Within a few minutes the blue jay became sick; its stomach seemed to be twisting and turning inside out.

The pain and discomfort became worse and worse until the jay was finally gripped with convulsions. It vomited out the remains of the butterfly along with the rest of the day's catch.

Once the butterfly was out of its stomach, the blue jay had instant relief. It had never experienced anything like this before and would never choose to do so again.

Thereafter, in its search for food, the blue jay avoided anything that looked like a monarch. Not only could monarchs fly by this blue jay without harm, but viceroy butterflies could also carry on their work in safety.

The viceroy butterflies had never eaten the poisonous leaves of the milkweed plant. However, they had orange and black markings similar to a monarch butterfly.

Thus, the bitter diet of the monarch's early days not only saved its own life but kindly benefited the lives of other butterflies.

Above excerpt from Basic Youth Conflicts

Book Review: Butterfly House by Eve Bunting

Book Review: Monarch and Milkweed

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What Is World's Question?

Review: Who are you? l LadyD Books

Who are you?

Book #5 in the series, Balu Baldauf by author and illustrator Ruthz SB

My Thoughts

The story is about a boy who wrote a letter to Santa and wondered what gift he was going to get. Have you ever felt that way? I know my grandsons have written many letters to Santa and thought the same way. At first, Balu was disappointed in finding out that his present was just a big blue ball and an old one at that but he named her 'world' and gave her a big hug.

Unexpectedly, 'world' asked, "Who are you?" Balu shared his name but that isn't what world meant... It wasn't about his age.

Balu and World

Balu tells 'world' all about his family but he repeats the question to him again, "Who are you?"

Boy playing drums

Balu tells her all about his love for music and all the other things that he likes. Again world says to him that it's not about hobbies.

children's picture book

The little guy was so perplexed at this stupid question! He tried and tried to give the right answer. Then he starts to think about world's perspective on things and realizes they both are special, too!

The Friday #56 

He put himself in her shoes and wondered what would World respond to the same question? 
I know, it's only 18 pages...

My Review

A sweet story that goes to the heart of the matter. Discovering who you are and not what you do is a strong healthy platform to grow and stand on throughout your entire life. The author's creative story line in producing a wonderful dialogue between a small boy and our huge world is brilliant. Weaving many colorful illustrations to enhance the words for early readers is engaging for the child and parents, too. The journey for the little one to discover that he/she is special and loved reaps great rewards in child development with good self-esteem and developing friendships with all people.

I really like this one! 5/5 stars.

Children Books: Who are you? (Preschool) Self-identity - picture book for Early & Beginner Readers (Balu Baldauf series 5)

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Why I Like Inspiralized by Ali Maffucci

Inspiralized by Ali Maffucci

Perfect timing on the arrival of this amazing cookbook because we've planted tons of zucchini plants in our garden. In addition to owning this awesome cookbook...
 Inspiralized: Turn Vegetables into Healthy, Creative, Satisfying Meals. I am the proud owner of a great kitchen tool: Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer.

 Do you have one?

Turn vegetables into healthy meals

About The Book

The definitive cookbook for using a spiralizer: the kitchen gadget that turns vegetables and fruits into imaginative, low-carb dishes.

On her wildly popular blog, Inspiralized, Ali Maffucci is revolutionizing healthy eating. Whether you’re low-carb, gluten-free, Paleo, or raw, you don’t have to give up the foods you love. Inspiralized shows you how to transform more than 20 vegetables and fruits into delicious meals that look and taste just like your favorite indulgent originals. Zucchini turns into pesto spaghetti; jicama becomes shoestring fries; sweet potatoes lay the foundation for fried rice; plantains transform into “tortillas” for huevos rancheros.

Ali’s recipes for breakfast, snacks, appetizers, sandwiches, soups, salads, casseroles, rices, pastas, and even desserts are easy to follow, hard to mess up, healthful, and completely fresh and flavorful. Best of all, she tells you how to customize them for whatever vegetables you have on hand and whatever your personal goal may be—losing weight, following a healthier lifestyle, or simply making easy meals at home. 

Here, too, are tons of technical tips and tricks; nutritional information for each dish and every vegetable you can possibly spiralize; and advice for spiralizing whether you’re feeding just yourself, your family, or even a crowd. So bring on a hearty appetite and a sense of adventure—you’re ready to make the most of this secret weapon for healthy cooking.
Inspiralized: Turn Vegetables into Healthy, Creative, Satisfying Meals

The Friday #56

"Most important, they're made with a Mexican root vegetable that's low in sodium and high in fiber - a heavenly combination for those of us looking to eat fries without going up a size."
Here the author shares a recipe, Spicy Jicama Strings. Basically, use 1 large jicama that is peeled and spiraled with Blade C. Cover them with 2 TBL. olive oil, salt, 1 TBL. onion powder, 2 teaspoons cayenne pepper, and 2 teaspoons chili powder.

Inspiralized Cookbook by Ali Maffucci

My Thoughts

I am all for keeping a healthy lifestyle, and making easy delicious meals at home. I own a great tool that is a must to accompany this awesome cookbook. I am very excited to have so many new recipes added to my library. Since I grow a large garden every summer loaded with tons of fresh vegetables, I am impressed with the author's research on transforming more than 20 vegetables and fruits to look and taste like our tried and true favorite meals. I was pleasantly surprised to find sections on breakfasts and desserts, too. I especially like the salad and wrap entries. The shrimp meals are fantastic, too. It's truly rewarding to have a plethora of good eating recipes you can count on at your fingertips, whether you're eating solo or serving a crowd. Get the book. You won't be disappointed!

5/5 stars! Highly recommend to friends.

Author Ali Maffucci

Author Bio

Combining her inherent Italian-American love for pasta with her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, ALI MAFFUCCI launched She lives in Jersey City with her fiancĂ©, Lu.

Visit Ali's website,

Inspiralized: Turn Vegetables into Healthy, Creative, Satisfying Meals
  *I received this book from Blogging for Books for my honest review*

I also enjoy sharing book reviews from other book publishing houses. If you're not familiar with Tyndale Rewards Program, check it out and welcome aboard!

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