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I would like to introduce you to Shirley Johnson! She is a WordGirls Member and author of
this guest post. When you have the time, visit her blog to view some of her writings. 
I especially love her poem, So Grateful. I love gardening and I know you will enjoy 
discovering a new perspective here.

Charlotte’s Garden
By Shirley Johnson

Charlotte loved to work in her garden in the morning. She could hear the morning birds greet the day with a song. The refreshing dewdrops found rest upon the garden. The flowers seemed to smile back at the sun.

Charlotte worked hard at maintaining the presentation and growth of the garden. She knew with the proper care it would not only look beautiful but create a peaceful atmosphere for those viewing it. From childhood, she knew which of the elements and garden intruders can interfere with the presentation and growth of the garden and which are harmless.

The garden often ministered to Charlotte. She embraced the seasons of the garden. It often shared reflections of life and whispers of hope.

While working in the garden a ladybug crawled on her sleeve. There was a time many years ago if this happened she would have panicked. She smiled and laughed to herself. She thought back to when she was a very small child. She was with her mom visiting at their friend’s home. The porch provided a favorite play area. Somehow a ladybug crawled right where she sat. She cried out to her mom for help.

Charlotte’s mom came running in response to her cries. While Charlotte saw a big intruder, her mother saw a simple little ladybug. “Oh, Charlotte.” “It’s okay,” said her mom. Her mom had gardened a long time and knew the difference between a harmless bug and dangerous ones. “This is just an innocent little bug that somehow landed in the wrong place.” She calmly scooped up the ladybug with her gentle hands, opened the screen door, and let it go.

Life’s seasons have a way of presenting itself with different problems. There are times when we have real problems, big problems that we need to face, address and solve. Sometimes though, we have little irritations that invade our space. They land right where we sit in life. They have us talking, repeating, agonizing and spinning our wheels. They interfere and distract us from the purpose and plan in our lives. They “bug” us.

When those little irritations land in our space,
look at them and determine how big they are.
Perhaps there are times when we too must open the screen door and let them go. 

Shirley Johnson author


Shirley Johnson shares inspiration and encouragement through her writing. She is a member of SCBWI and ACFW. She loves to read and has volunteered at her local Public Library as an Adult

Literacy Tutor. She shares her writing on her blog. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Thanks again, Shirley for a wonderful article to share with our readers! Wishing you continued success!


 Lady D

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Free Online Logo Maker Review

Logo for LadyD Books

                                                       Logo made with DesignEvo

I would like to introduce you to a free online Logo Maker! I absolutely believe these designs that you yourself can make would be a great addition to your website and social media platforms.

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With the next example, for my children's book reading blog,, I used a simple flower design and a small banner graphic. I duplicated the flower and changed the font style. Just type in the image that you're looking for and have fun creating!

Logo for Barefoot Books-LadyD
Logo made with DesignEvo
Logo for Piano Diana
Logo made with DesignEvo
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Logo made with DesignEvo

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5/5 stars! Highly recommend!!

Kind Regards,

Lady D

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Guest Post: Wear Your Own Shoes

Pumpkin patch down on the farm

Here in SoCal it definitely feels and looks like Fall. We arrived at Lavender Hills Pumpkin Farm.

Libby playing the guitar

Meet Libby... After purchasing our pumpkins, this charming lady began to play the guitar and sing for our pumpkin receipt!

Grandsons wearing tennis shoes!

Our grandsons were a captive audience! Then I started thinking about an article I read that reminded me of the changing of the seasons... and something about "Wear Your Own Shoes."

Kolleen Lucariello

Dear Readers,

This is a guest post! Meet Kolleen Lucariello!

ABOUT The Author

Kolleen Lucariello, #TheABCGirl, the author of the devotional book, The ABC's of Who God Says I Am, resides in Central New York with her husband, Pat. You can connect with

Kolleen at as she pursues God’s heartbeat to change our identity —one letter at a time. 

Walking in Your Own Shoes
By Kolleen Lucariello

Here in my home state of New York, October ushers in the fun of pumpkins, apple picking and salmon fishing season. There’s also the beauty of leaves peaking, apple cider, and cozy sweaters. Among the many things October has to offer, it has also been designated as Women Walking in Their Own Shoes month: a global call for women to say yes to their purpose, passion, and power.

If you’re like me, fall also means it’s time to shed the flip-flops, put away the sandals, and slip your feet back into a pair of shoes. Preferably comfortable ones—it’s never enjoyable to spend a day in shoes that don’t fit.

Once, while visiting my parents, I slipped my feet into a pair of my mother’s shoes so I could retrieve something from the car. Immediately, I noticed we walk completely differently; she walks on the inside of her sole—I don’t. My feet in her shoes didn’t work well. Come to think of it, I’ve stood in the clearance section trying to squeeze my feet into the wrong size shoe all for the sake of cuteness. I’ve also clomped around in shoes too big out of convenience. Neither were comfortable. Did you know it’s possible to cause serious harm to yourself by wearing shoes that don’t fit properly?

Serious harm can also happen when insecurities keep you from walking in your own shoes. Just as there’s comfort when we slip our feet into our own shoes, comfort can be found when we slip ourselves into the purpose, passion, and power God has given us.

Paul wrote, “It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone” (Ephesians 1:11-12, MSG).

When we say yes to Christ, we say yes to purpose because we discover what we are living for. We say yes to passion because we recognize who we are, and we say yes to power because we understand the kingdom of God is not based on talk but on power (1 Corinthians 4:20).

Cinderella was the only one who could wear the glass slipper. 

You’re the only one who can walk in your shoes.


Thanks so much Kolleen! Best wishes and continued success! What a pleasure to read these encouraging words that help us to know who we are in Christ. He desires for us to know Him personally and progressively while on our spiritual walk with Him (in our own shoes)!


Lady D

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Book Review: I'm Not A Scaredy Cat

Max Lucado: I'm Not A Scaredy Cat l LadyD Books

Book Description

From New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado comes I’m Not a Scaredy-Cat, a silly, fun, and faith-building picture book to help kids manage their fear or anxiety. To avoid introducing new fears to children, this whimsical story depicts a cute cat character facing fears that are fanciful or exaggerated. These silly scenarios will create talking points for parents to help their children understand what to do when they feel afraid. Kids will learn that God is good, God is near, God is here with them, and, most important, God loves them.
I'm not A Scaredy-Cat

Book Review

I think everyone is afraid of something, especially in our former years of childhood. I suppose we learn how to deal with our innermost personal anxieties and in turn wish to teach our children and grandchildren how to face their fears. Inside the pages of this delightful picture book are fun-loving rhymes, along with excellent colorful illustrations. Most children love cats, so this cute young one, who's afraid of the littlest things, learns to immediately talk to God when he reacts to unexpected circumstances and immediately feels better. A quote from the book regarding the problem:

A leaf from a tree
Landed right on my knee.
I jumped with a bump, fell down with a thump - And that's what happened to me.

My favorite line from the book explaining the solution:

Then I pray:
"God, you are good.
God, you are near.
God, you are here!
And, God, you love me." 
Max Lucado does it again! I love this one! 5/5 stars. Highly recommend.
Great for gift giving and an awesome addition for home and Sunday School libraries.
I'm not A Scaredy-Cat
I received this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

Lady D

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