Book Review: Love in Every Room

Book Review: Love in Every Room l LadyD Books

What's It About?

Artist Karla Dornacher leads a tour of the heart's home, using everyday objects such as a dinner table, a bed quilt, and a salt shaker to symbolize the "high and honorable calling" of keeping a home, nurturing a marriage, and raising a Christian family. With her own unique watercolor paintings and insightful meditations, Karla's Love in Every Room makes a thoughtful, encouraging gift.

From the series, The Heartbeat of the HomeLove in Every room

Why This Author?

Author/Artist Karla Dornacher is passionate about sharing hope, encouragement, and inspiration in everything she does. Karla is best known for her best-selling books, Love In Every Room and Down A Garden Path, as well as several other Christian Inspirational Gift and Devotional books of the same style.

How's The Rating?

Here's a delightful book, inspiring homemakers everywhere. The author uses Bible scriptures in each room of the house encouraging us to trust God in our everyday home surroundings. Karla's illustrations are warm and beautiful. A wonderful reminder of our high and holy calling of the keeper of the home. I love this one! 5 *****

Where can I Get The Book?

Great gift giving! Love in Every Room 

Happy Reading!

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