Shaken by Tim Tebow: Book Review

Shaken by Tim Tebow: Book Review

"Shaken Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life's Storms" by Tim Tebow is an encouragement to us all! The author's second book points us to discovering our true identity in the midst of life's storms. From my past experiences in talking with Junior Seau and John Carne of the San Diego Chargers, I have not felt such warmth and compassion (like a young Timothy in the Bible) sharing from his heart the ups and downs he has experienced lately. Folks, this superstar in just like you and me.

To say everyone loves Tim Tebow is simply not true. The media went after him for 'taking the knee,' and I can recall numerous intense negative reports. What I found by Tim's example in facing the darts 'on print' and through the airwaves was to take heart and be strong. Knowing that all the shattered dreams (the high and low days) were working for his good in trusting Christ. The 'nay-sayers' cannot extinguish the light shining through Tim.

In my opinion, the book should be required reading for everyone. It's about character building. It's about not letting success or failure define you but knowing who you are in Him and following God's plan (what really matters). I admire Tim's convictions and there are many lessons from the book that I can apply to my own faith journey as well. 

I'm happy the Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow is receiving more accolades in sports, playing pro baseball. Truly, he is getting the nod of approval from the Lord in fulfilling his destiny in sharing the gospel of Jesus to the world. Well done, Tim!

5/5 stars. Highly recommend. He hit the ball out of the park with this one!

Tim Tebow: Shaken l LadyD Books Review

My Favorite Review

“Shaken is everyone’s story. All of us know what it is to experience the best of days and the lowest of days. For Tim, he’s lived those days in public. I have the privilege to call Tim my friend and can tell you that with him, what you see is what you get, which seems rare these days! I appreciate how real and raw Tim is with his own struggles. In Shaken you will find great encouragement for your own life and faith.”
—Chris Tomlin, worship leader and songwriter

My Favorite Chapter

We must cease striving and trust God to provide what He thinks is best and in irst stepwhatever time He chooses to make it available. but this kind of trusting doesn't come naturally. It's a spiritual crisis of the will in which we must choose to exercise faith. -- Charles Swindoll

My Favorite Line

"God is greater than your heart."

Tim Tebow: Book Review l LadyD Books

The Friday #56

I like what Martin Luther King Jr. said: "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole starcase."

About The Book

Who are you when life is steady? 
Who are you when storms come?
Most of us have been on the receiving end of rejection, a broken dream, or heartbreak. And while this is not an easy space to go through, when we are grounded in the truth, we can endure the tough times.
In this powerful book, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow passionately shares glimpses of his journey staying grounded in the face of disappointment, criticism, and intense media scrutiny. Following an exceptional college football career with the Florida Gators and a promising playoff run with the Denver Broncos, Tebow was traded to the New York Jets. He was released after one season. 
In Shaken, Tebow talks about what he’s learned along the way, building confidence in his identity in God, not the world. This moving book also features practical wisdom from Scripture and insights gained from others who have impacted Tebow in life-changing ways. 
Though traveling hard roads is not easy, it’s always worth it!


Tim Tebow photo

About the Author

Tim Tebow is a two-time national champion, first round NFL draft pick, and Heisman trophy winner. After playing in the NFL for the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets, Tebow joined the SEC Network. In addition to his role on SEC Nation, the network's traveling road show, Tebow also contributes to a variety of other ESPN platforms. Through everything, Tim's true passion remains the work of the Tim Tebow Foundation which he began in 2010. The foundation's mission is to bring Faith, Hope, and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need. The foundation is fulfilling that mission everyday by serving thousands of deserving children around the world.
A.J. Gregory photo

A.J. Gregory is known for over thirty-five book collaborations, some New York Times bestsellers, with fascinating high-profile figures from celebrities to scientists. She is also the author of two books, Messy Faith and Silent Savior, which chronicles finding faith in the middle of unavoidable and sometimes harsh realities. A.J. calls New Jersey, and her husband and three kids, home. Learn more at
Two reasons why you should buy a copy (or two) of Shaken today:

1) Shaken is a great read! Get the scoop on Tim's time in the NFL...some of the challenges he's faced...and how his identity has stayed grounded in in God and not in this world!

2) Shaken makes the perfect gift! Give the gift of faith, hope, and love to your son, daughter, mom, dad, grandparent, coach, teacher, pastor, minister, neighbor, or friend!

New from Tim Tebow, Shaken. Get the book!!

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Thank you, WaterBrook Multnomah for the privilege of receiving a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. Thanks to Daniel Decker for the opportunity to be on the promotional team!

Happy Reading! -- LadyD

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The Dynamic Studio: Book Review

The Dynamic Studio l LadyD Books

I am a firm believer that piano lessons were never meant to be boring!! Love this book!

About The Book

How to keep students, dazzle parents, and build the music studio everyone wants to get into.
Practice Revolution author Philip Johnston looks at 93 different elements of traditional music teaching that are desperately in need of an update for today's students.
From motivation systems to resourcing, repertoire selection to the practice treadmill, unconventional scheduling to simply how to make a studio more fun, The Dynamic Studio is another explosion of ideas from the world’s best-known writer on music teaching.

"In most of the ways that count for anything, they're actually from the same planet."
"This disjuncture  between what our training has prepared us for and who we are actually working with has very real consequences for music teachers individually and the profession as a whole.

My Review

It's a different day! As we recognize the times they are a changin'... So is our fresh approach to piano teaching! The author captures the vision perfectly here! Get a breakthrough on the old, static way we do things to springing forward to having a dynamic studio. When this goal grabs ahold of you, engaging students will become the main focus here. My favorite line in the book, "It's your studio; you decide what happens." You'll come away with a feeling of being recharged as you change things around in your studio. Get the book. It doesn't disappoint! Your passion for teaching will continue to soar and your teacher-student relationships will grow successfully in helping them to enjoy all kinds of music their entire lives! I found The Dynamic Studio to be a positive, refreshing change for piano teachers!

5/5 stars! Highly recommend!

For more information, visit Philip Johnston's website,

Piano Students: LadyD

Piano Students l LadyD

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Golden Sunrise l LadyD Books

Doesn't feel like Fall here in SoCal. temps have soared to 100!!

Chili Rellenos and Corn Salad: LadyD Books
Corn Salad & Chili Rellenos

Happy Reading and SkyWatching!

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