5 Tips for Choosing a Good Book

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This guest post is by Johnny Glayson from Guest Post U.

Whether you read a lot or just every now and then, it might be hard to find a good book to read. Even the avid book reader can only read a tiny portion of the many books that are published. At any time, book stores probably contain more books than a person could read in a lifetime. So, how do you choose the one to read? Below are five great tips to help you out. 

1. Ask Your Friends

Ask your friends, family and others you know for good book recommendations. Your friends probably have a lot of similarities to you and will know what kind of books you might enjoy. Asking friends can help build your relationships as well because your friends will know it was a compliment that you asked for their opinion.

2. Authors You Like

Try to think about the books you’ve read in the past. Think of which ones were your favorites, and find your next book by that same author.

3. Bestseller List

Most newspapers and online websites publish the current best-selling book list. If you can’t find it in the newspaper, check online or ask a book store clerk at a local book store. They will have the most up-to-date best-selling list. 

4. Joining Book Clubs

Book clubs are places where a group of people get together and discuss the books they read. In most cases, book clubs read about one book per month. They are usually free, but members might put some money in the pot for food and drinks. Usually, members try to take turns hosting a monthly book club meeting. You can usually find a local book club online or by visiting your public library.

5. Amazon

If you visit Amazon.com, you can find ratings on books that other users have read and rated. They also have several customer reviews on books they’ve read. When you look at the book, it also suggests other books you might enjoy if you liked that book. By first finding some of your favorite books, you can then find more by the suggestions that they offer.

If you go to a bookstore looking for a book to buy but you’re not sure which book to get, turn the book over and read the review, the contents of the book and the details about the author. This will give you a good idea about the book. Most bookstores arrange their books by topic, so you have a lot to choose from.

There are probably a lot of other ways you can choose some good books to read. If you want to try a book you don’t feel sure about, you can save yourself from losing money by borrowing the book from your local library. If you don’t enjoy it, you can stop reading it, return it and pick up something else.

Whatever way you choose, you should be able to find a few good books by using some of the tips above.
Johnny Glayson is a high school English teacher who writes all about literature, reading and education. His recent work is on the Top 10 Special Education Degree Programs.

All the best,

 “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis
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Book Review: Surf Angel

Author Terry Kraszewski: LadyD Books

I had a wonderful opportunity to meet author, Terry Winn - Kraszewski while shopping at the Carlsbad Street Fair earlier this November. She is a lovely woman and passionate about life and all the wonderful treasures of the sea. Terry is warm and caring in hoping there will be a cure for Cystic Fibrosis one day. I fell in love with this gentle soul (kindred spirits) and purchased her picture book, Surf Angel. It will be a very special present of fantasy and sheer delight for our granddaughter who lives by the sea. Surf your dreams, little Flora!

Surf Angel: LadyD Books

  • Product Details

  • Age Range: 4 and up
  • Grade Level: Preschool and up
  • Hardcover: 40 pages
  • Publisher: Sunbelt Publications; first edition (September 1, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0982198906
  • ISBN-13: 978-0982198902

    • Amazon Snippet

    Join the Surf Angel on her magical adventures to the ocean kingdom below, where she visits her sea life friends to prepare them for a safe night of sleep.

    Surf Angel includes delightful illustrations that will captivate children of all ages and remind us to be respectful stewards of the sea s natural treasures.

    This book also includes an audio CD, in which the story is lovingly narrated by surfing legend, the original Gidget, who is accompanied by the enchanting sounds of the ocean and it's friendly inhabitants.

    • My Review
    A magical journey for young ones and adults who love the ocean and all of its treasures. You will enjoy this special story read aloud while listening to the shore flow in and out. The gentle barking of the sea lions is amusing, too. This is the perfect bedtime stormy for young and old alike because it is so relaxing. If you believe in angels and the wonder of nature, you will find inspiration amidst the gorgeous illustrations of colorful starfish, a fun-loving seahorse family, along with a mother and her baby whale. This sweet story is a wonderful way to wrap up the day, knowing that a charming surf angel, lovingly watches over her ocean friends and brings everyone closer in appreciation of the sea. It's a beautiful book and just right for my granddaughter. We love it and highly recommend this one! 

    5/5 stars. Highly recommend!

    • About The Author

    Terry grew up in sunny Southern California, soaking up the sunshine, saltwater, and a love of the surfing lifestyle.

    She has a degree in Early Childhood Development, and considers the ocean a wonderful place to raise two beautiful and talented daughters.

    Terry owns a surf boutique called Ocean Girl in La Jolla, California, which features her own brand of surf inspired clothing called "Surf Angel."

    An "anything is possible" attitude created her optimistic approach and influences her involvement in issues ranging from protecting the environment to finding the cure for Cystic Fibrosis.<Br>Co-Author, Heather Dawn Kraszewski

    Heather was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at four months of age. Living a positive life full of laughter, she inspires and teaches valuable lessons about how life should be enjoyed and treasured each and every day.

    Heather has a degree in Film and Television and has worked on many television shows and feature films. She is also a gifted writer and story teller.

    Having the beach as her playground, Heather has always felt a strong connection with the sea and the wonderful animals that share the ocean with her.

    For more information, visit http://www.surfangelbook.com

    • About The Illustrator           

    Bonnie Bright grew up in Malibu. Her parents, Mike Bright (surfing and beach volleyball legend and Olympian) and Patti Bright (volleyball Olympian and all around great mom) taught her a love for the beach and the value of hard work. When Bonnie is not busy producing artwork for clients, she enjoys her favorite pass times - playing beach volleyball, paddling and watching the sunset.

    In addition to book illustration, Bonnie Bright's art and animation appear on a wide range of educational computer games. Her other creative talents include portraits, 3D background art, 2D animation and web design. Bonnie is a full time, freelance artist and enjoys a healthy balance between hard work, volleyball, and family.

    Best wishes and much continued success, Terry Kraszewski!

    See what others are saying about Surf Angel.

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    A Cold Blustery Day: Stormy Weather

    dark storm approaching: LadyD Books

    hole in the clouds: LadyD Books

    It's time to get out the boots and scarves in So. California! After the dark storm approached yesterday, we received the rainfall that we anticipated but then the clouds rolled above the mountain tops as we watched this November rain storm head toward the east. As a farmer, I couldn't be more happier to see a little moisture fall from the clouds. Rainfall continues today. How about you... do you like the rain?

    collage of storm photos: LadyD Books

    The weather patterns we are experiencing reminds me of the famous song, "Stormy Weather" sung by Lena Horne and many other artists in 1943. Familiar with the song?

    On Which Side of the Road Do The Flowers Grow?

    Synopsis: During his years pastoring an inner-city church, Wendell Mettey discovered that God uses even the most blemished vessels to bring beauty into the world. In On Which Side of the Road Do the Flowers Grow?, Pastor Mettey shares the humorous and touching stories of his diverse congregation— ordinary people whose lives were infused with an awareness of God's real and abundant grace.

    On Which Side of the Road Do the Flowers Grow? is an excellent text for use in a small group or study class. The story-chapters provide a comprehensive, close-ended format for each session. Study guides are available to be used in conjunction with the book.

    "Thanks to the cold, blustery winter's day, he sought refuge in our church building and never left." -- Wendell E. Mettey

    On Which Side of the Road Do the Flowers Grow

    How is it where you are... sunshine and flowers or rainy days and a warm fire at night?

    All the best,

    “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis

    5 Tips to Keep Reading

    Photo Credit: Apolonia

    This guest post is by author Jennifer Henke from www.guestpostu.com

    5 Tips to Keep Reading

    Many people set goals for themselves with the New Year. One of the most popular is to read so many books by x day. Other times, parents are at their wits end trying to get a child to enjoy reading. Unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles when trying to accomplish these goals is that people think reading is boring and then they lose interest and stop reading. The best way to keep this from happening is to prevent it before it even starts. Here are some tips for keeping reading fun.

    1. Read New Things

    This may seem obvious at first glance, but when you think harder about what you are reading, how much do your books vary from one to another? If the basic plot lines are all alike in the ones you are picking up from the library or the book store, eventually you are going to be able to guess what will happen next in each story, and then the books are no longer exciting at all. So, if you are finding yourself becoming uninterested in reading, try this. Go to a section of the library or the bookstore that you never go to, and pick a few up which catch your eye. You just might find a new favorite genre.

    2. Read Somewhere Else

    So often, we do things because they are habit. Reading is no different. To break free of a grind while reading, try to do it a little differently each time you read. Do you have a patio or a deck? On sunny days, take the book outside and let the sunshine be your lamp. Inside the house, give yourself more than one cozy nook where you can curl up with your favorite thriller. This can be your bed, a chair, the guest bed, wherever you feel like you have a quiet place to relax and read.

    3. Read in Clubs

    Reading has a reputation for being a very anti-social activity. Break that reputation apart by turning it into a social activity. You can join a book club and have an excuse to get together with friends every month, eat snacks, and talk about the books that you have just read. It will keep you motivated because the reading will not just be something you expect yourself to do, it will be something others expect you to do as well.

    4. Read in Communities

    The internet has really changed the way fans of certain books can interact with each other and with their favorite authors. If you find you like a certain author or series, go online and join some of the fan clubs. This will give you place to talk about the books you like best with like-minded individuals, learn of similar books you may enjoy, and discover insider information on characters, future books, and where you can meet the author for a book signing. All of these things can keep anyone of any age interested in books.

    5. Set Goals/Rewards

    If you've already set a goal of reading so many books, be sure to factor in a reward system too. Parents can do this easily if they want their child to read more books by setting the rewards in increments and making them achievable. This establishes a connection between reading and something tangible and desirable and makes it easier to stay interested in reading.

    Reading is important at any age. The trick to starting and continuing to read is to add motivation and interest to the activity by engaging with other people, rewarding the positive behaviors, and avoiding excessive routine.

    Jennifer Henke is the author of numerous educational aides for young students. Her recent work is on the Best Online Criminal Justice Schools.

    Happy Reading!

    “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis

    Review: Chopin - First Discovery (Music)

    Chopin: First Discovery (Music) l LadyD Books

    From the music series, Chopin - First Discovery (Music) written by Catherine Weill and illustrated by Charlotte Voake, with narration by Michael Cantwell.

    • Amazon Snippet

    As a young Polish boy, Chopin was already composing his own tunes at the age of five. He learned Latin, Greek, and French, then German, English, and Italian at the same time he was learning to play the piano. Children who can tell stories through their piano playing or singing, or who have ever danced a Polish mazurka, will find that they have much in common with Chopin.

    • Review

    Fryderyk Chopin was ushered into the world with his mother singing a sweet lullaby and introducing him to the piano at just five years old. His father who taught him many foreign languages was proud of his son playing for the Russian Tsar when he was eight. Chopin loved the rhythm of country dances and loved the opera at twelve. Moving to Paris from Poland, he was a success, a genius at improvisation and well praised during the Romantic period. Chopin composed 24 studies that were extremely difficult to play and enjoyed giving piano lessons to so many. He wrote polonaises, elegant waltzes and mazurkas recalling his native country. Chopin also wrote ballades (a poem that tells a story) and nocturnes. The beautiful book is a plus for music education, as well as hearing the beautiful music of Chopin. My favorite quote, "If you want to play the piano, you have to make it sing."

    5/5 stars! Highly recommend.

    • Songs on the CD

    Latin, German and Music
    First Success
    National Dances
    What Glorious Singing
    His Trusted Friend
    The Lure Of The Unknown
    A Genius!
    Music To Learn By
    Music To Dance To
    Music To Dream By

    Fryderyk Chopin (First Discovery: Music)

     “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis

    Church Bells

    San Louis Rey Mission: LadyD Books

    North County is a lovely part of San Diego to experience. It's about an hour's drive north from the city.
    Nestled inland from Oceanside, California is a famous landmark, the San Louis Rey Mission. For more information, visit http://www.sanluisrey.org/ I took this picture over the summer and how the blue and white reminds me of Greece. Photo for Skywatch Friday

    Church Bells in Italy: LadyD Books

    One of my friends just returned from a culinary school trip to Italy. She had shared a few camera shots and I decided to spruce them up and make a collage to share with you. (Review posted) There is such a charm with winding roads and cobble streets that Italy has to offer. Not to mention the ringing of the church bells every 15 minutes to remind the folks of heaven.

    The 17th century church of San Giovanni Battista houses one of the most famous baroque pipe organs in Italy, dating back to the late 1600's. More info at http://www.abruzzocibus.com/carunchio.php
    Florence, Italy

                                 ( Photo credit: James Barker)  The magnificent duomo in Florence.

    • Picture Collage Maker 3 
    Picture Collage Maker 3 for Mac (Normally $29.90), a powerful yet easy-to-use app enables you to create photo collages, scrapbooks, greeting cards, photo calendars, photo books and posters on Mac OS X.

    Key features include:
    • New template categories and 140+ revamped templates.
    • Photo add options: iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, etc.
    • Create multiple pages within the same window.
    • Lots of photo effects, fonts and backgrounds, clipart, frames, masks, etc.
    • Free to add text, zoom in/out on collage, crop photo, adjust border of round corners, etc.
    • Multiple export ways: Image, PDF, Email, Desktop wallpaper, Facebook, iPhoto, Print out, etc. 

    • Review

    I'm very impressed with the photo software because there are tons more options to choose from and the editing process is simple to use. With exciting, creative templates to use, the experience of saving photos creatively is countless and fun! My favorite to assemble are the layouts where you can choose the background color. Another memorable style are the templates with text about family, nature, etc. After completing your work, you can email to a friend or share on Facebook. There's so much more to explore, like Comic templates and CD covers. It's a great tool for creating and capturing your favorite memories. I rate this top application with 5/5 stars and highly recommend. Here's some information,  http://www.prweb.com/releases

    This is what I'm reading, a Kindle book with my grandchildren. I doubt that it's page 56 since it's only 40 pages! I was thinking of church bells when I came across the illustration in the book. I'm sure they have cats in Italy!

    • Amazon Snippet

    Charles Buckles (sometimes misspelled Buckels) Falls (1874 - 1960) wrote and created the illustrations in the ABC Book. He also illustrated books of other authors, mainly for children, and designed posters, advertisements, invitations, book bindings, stage sets, fabric and furniture in a career that spanned from the late 1890s through 1960. He produced some of his best-known work for the Victory book campaigns of the Division of Pictorial Publicity during World War I. Falls executed much of his work for paying clients, including Masonic publications such as The Shrine Magazine and The New York Masonic Outlook. In 1927 editors at The New York Masonic Outlook described Falls as “one of the distinguished artists of the day.”

    It is believed that Falls made nine paintings for The Shrine Magazine. At least five of the paintings eventually graced the cover of the publication, all in 1927. This February cover and Falls’ related painting offer an opportunity to compare the artist’s original artwork against the magazine that arrived in subscribers’ mailboxes. 

                                                              "C is for Cat."

    You may be interested in seeing,

    Rick Steves' Italy 2014
    Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality
    ABC Book (Books of Wonder)

     I hope you enjoy hearing the ringing of the church bells, whether local or afar.
    Happy weekend!


    “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis

    Review: Vivaldi (First Discovery - Music)

    Vivaldi (First Discovery - Music): LadyD Books

    • Product Details
    • Age Range: 7 - 11 years
    • Grade Level: 2 - 6
    • Series: First Discovery: Music
    • Hardcover: 28 pages
    • Publisher: Moonlight Publishing (May 1, 2012)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1851033238
    • ISBN-13: 978-1851033232

    •   About the Author

      Olivier Baumont is a professional classical musician. He is a regular performer in baroque music festivals around the world. Charlotte Voake is an award-winning illustrator whose titles include Ginger and Hello Twins. The narration is by Michael Cantwell.
    • Amazon Snippet

    Antonio Vivaldi's father was a baker and a barber as well as being a violinist by profession. Vivaldi became a priest very young and was nicknamed the red priest because of his red hair. Children who have tried making their own musical instruments or pretended to conduct an orchestra will find that they have much in common with Vivaldi.
    • Antonio Vivaldi
    Born: 1678
    Died: 1741

    Antonio Vivaldi was an Italian composer during the Baroque period. He was born in Venice to a poor family. His father taught him to play violin and he later became a priest. As a priest he was the violin teacher at an orphanage. He wrote over 500 concertos as well as 46 operas, 90 sonatas, choral music and chamber music. His most famous work is The Four Seasons.

    • My Review
    The Italian Baroque composer was known as il prete rosse, the red priest, because of his auburn red hair. Vivaldi lived during the baroque period, a time in Europe between 1600 and 1700 when art and architecture were fancy, grand and decorative. Music, too was grand, filled with the rich sounds of flutes and trumpets and violins. Vivaldi's compositions were in the baroque style - elaborate, rhythmic and melodic.

    Unlike a symphony where musicians all work together, a concerto is usually designed to show off the talents of one outstanding player. Vivaldi played the violin, wrote music rather quickly, and became a music teacher for a school of girls. He travelled and wrote operas, too. His music made people happy. The Four Seasons is said to be the 'ancestor concerto' which influenced later composers who were inspired by nature. Spring sounds like twittering birds; Summer sounds of unsettled weather; Autumn suggests hunting and Winter ends the concerto with ice and snow. Young musicians will enjoy, not only learning about this wonderful composer, but also interacting with some engaging activities like conducting a choir or making an instrument with wood and wire strings. Warm, earthy illustrations and excellent music make this a must-have for home, school and music library.

    5/5 stars! Highly recommend.

    • Childhood
    Vivaldi had five siblings. His father was a barber who then became a professional violinist. After he taught Antonio to play violin, the two of them performed all over Venice. Vivaldi suffered from poor health throughout his life. He probably had asthma, but there was no treatment back then.

    However, Vivaldi's health did not hold him back and he became a famous violinist and a great Baroque composer. When he was 25, he accepted a job at an orphanage for girls in Venice.

    For nearly 40 years Vivaldi supervised the music program at the orphanage. Many of his students became outstanding musicians. Each Sunday the girls performed concerts. These concerts were very popular and featured choirs and large groups of instruments.

    Vivaldi wrote most of his famous works there - many for his students to perform. He wrote over 230 violin concertos because the violin was the most popular instrument for the girls to play, but some played flute, oboe, cello, and bassoon. Vivaldi composed concertos for all these instruments.

    • Concerto Gross
    Most of Vivaldi's concertos are solo concertos that feature one soloist with an orchestra. Some of his concertos were a different type called a concerto grosso. These feature several soloists playing with an orchestra accompaniment.

    • Venice
    During Vivaldi's life Venice was the capital of the Republic of venice, and today venice is part of Italy. Venice is a city in northern Italy that is built on islands. It is famous for its many canals that separate the buildings like streets in other cities. People often travel around Venice in boats called gondolas.

    Venice has 180 canals, 200 palaces, and many colorful buildings along the canals. St. Mark's Square (Piazzo San Marco in Italian) is the center of Venice. In warm weather visitors and venetians gather there to eat, talk, shop, and watch the thousands of pigeons. Just around the corner from St. Mark's Square is the building where Vivaldi worked, on a street overlooking the Grand Canal. When the tides are very high, St. Mark's Square often floods because it is the lowest point in Venice.

    • The Four Seasons
    Vivaldi's most famous work is Le Quattro Stagioni which means The Four Seasons in English. It is a series of 4 concertos, each with 3 movements. It is one of the most popular baroque pieces and was first published in 1725. There are four poems that go along with the work to describe the seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

    Throughout The Four Seasons, Vivaldi musically imitates sounds from nature. For example, in the "Spring" concerto, trills sound like bird calls and tremelos and rapid scales sound like thunder and lightning for a summer storm.

    Antonio Vivaldi (First Discovery: Music)

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    Review: Happy Meal Books

    McDonald's Sign
                                                                             Photo Credit: Paul Sakuma

    I was excited to hear about the new McDonald's Book Promotion!

    Katie from the San Diego McDonald's provided a free Happy Meal coupon. Here's what I learned:
    • McDonald's USA to provide more than 20 million books to families in the U.S. through new Happy Meal promotion
    In time for National family Literacy Day on Nov. 1, McDonald's USA is inviting families to celebrate the joy of reading with the launch of a new Happy Meal books promotion.

    From Nov.1 - Nov. 14, McDonald's will offer books in print for happy Meal customers, providing more than 20 million books to families across the U.S. Throughout the two-week Happy Meal Books offer, families will be able to enjoy four original books featuring McDonald Happy Meal characters. Each limited-edition book brings nutrition, imagination and play to life in a fun way.

    • About Happy Meal Books
    The four limited-edition books include:

    "The Goat Who Ate Everything" - Tells a story of a goat who has a big appetite and struggles to eat right. But when he does, he feels great and becomes the playful 'kid' everyone loves.

    "Deana's Big Dreams" - Shares how Deana, the world's smallest dinosaur, grew tall by eating right.

    "Ant, Can't" - Features Ant, a bite-sized bodybuilder who's big on encouraging physical fitness through exercise and eating right.

    "Doddi the Dodo Goes to Orlando" - Follows happy-go-lucky bird Doddi who travels the world. She eats right because this dodo is always on the go-go.
    • Review: The Goat Who Ate Everything
    Written by: John Montgomery
    Illustration by: Duck Studios

    My five year old grandson loves the book. The concept of a goat eating everything from a baseball glove to Sheriff Van Zant's pants is loads of fun to read and will keep children's attention, for sure. But Brother Billy isn't silly anymore just eating everything in site. He ends up with a huge tummy ache. So, the dad tells him to eat better food and everyone is proud of the goat who grows up big and strong! With cute illustrations and a simple message to eat better food to stay well, this is a winning combination in reading about a goat's silly adventures. And of course, everyone loves Billy!

    5/5 stars!

    • Vice President of marketing for McDonald's USA, Ubong Ituen
    "We're excited to invite families to spend time together and celebrate the joy of reading through these fun and original Happy Meal Books. This is the latest step in our ongoing efforts to enrich the lives of families, and part of a broader book strategy that will combine the fun of the Happy Meal, new partners and technology to inspire more family reading time."

    As part of the launch of Happy Meal books, McDonald's is collaborating with Reading is Fundamental (RIF), the largest children's literacy non-profit in the U.S., to help more children and their families discover the joy of reading. RIF will distribute 100,000 Happy Meal Books to children who do not have easy access to books.

    • Reading is Fundamental CEO Carol Hampton Rasco
    "Books are essential for inspiring children to explore, dream, and achieve, yet far too many children do not have this basic resource. To change this unfortunate reality, RIF in uniting with McDonald's, a company that embraces the transformative power of books and is committed to helping families and communities thrive. Together, McDonald's and RIF can truly help enrich kids' lives through access to books and by putting the fun back into reading."

    McDonald's is already planning its next Happy Meal books program, scheduled to be released in 2015. For more information about Happy Meal Books, visit www.McDonalds.com

    Kudos MacDonald's!

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    The Friday 56: Leo Buscaglia

    Leo Buscaglia: LadyD Books

    My mother-in-law gave me the Leo Buscaglia book, Born for Love.  I'm enjoying it and have used some miscellaneous quotes from this paperback book in my post. Are you familiar with the author and perhaps have read a book or two by him? His writings seem universal and draw mankind in, especially on the subject of love, I think.

    Book Details

  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books (April 26, 1994)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0449909298
  • ISBN-13: 978-0449909294

  • Amazon Snippet

    The man who first brought love to the classroom offers a postgraduate course for people in every kind of relationship and for those who yearn for love. In powerful short takes, Leo Buscaglia turns the light of his wisdom on every facet of the priceless jewel of love and discusses: Love that is more than a comfort zone; Creating an "Us" without destroying the "Me;" The value of differences, and so much more. These challenging lessons in loving will enrich your life for as long as you live.

    The Friday 56

    So much of our lives are overrun by hate, greed, violence and selfishness that we are tempted to overlook the fact that there is at least an equal amount of goodness in the world. The problem is that those who promote their negativity and hate seem to be far more vocal than the lovers and are certainly given more media time. -- Leo Buscaglia
    Born for Love: Reflections on Loving

    At a street fair event, I discovered this huge Ficus tree growing outside someone's home in the neighborhood, reaching up to a November blue sky. Photos for Skywatch Friday

    Ficus tree in a neighborhood: LadyD Books

    We suffer from seeing too much death and not enough life, too much sorrow and not enough joy, too much greed and not enough giving, too much loneliness, and not enough love. -- Anonymous

    tall tree near the side of a home: LadyD Books

    Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars. -- Henry Van Dyke

    ficus tree surrounded by a wooden fence: LadyD Books

                                  There are none so blind as they who will not see. -- Anonymous

    Thanks for visiting LadyD Books! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Veteran's Day!

     “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis

    Review: Mary Engelbreit Peace on Earth

    Peace on Earth: LadyD Books

    This is a favorite time of year when parents and grandparents are on the look-out for gift giving Christmas books. I have many children's books on my top ten list but here's a new one from Mary Engelbreit, Peace on Earth: Christmas Collection.

    • Book Details:

  • Age Range: 4 - 8 years
  • Hardcover: 40 pages
  • Publisher: Zonderkidz (October 8, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0310743400
  • ISBN-13: 978-0310743408

    • Amazon Snippet:

    I surely wish with all my heart, This day of Jesus' birth, That peace and love and happiness Soon cover all the earth. Mary Engelbreit rings in the holiday with a Christmas collection that includes many of her favorite carols, the story of Jesus' birth, and beloved poems that touch the heart and celebrate the miracle of the season.

    • My Review:
    Delightful Christmas collection of carols, stories and poems that the author so warmly dedicates to her mother. Mary's richly detailed illustrations are a feast of the eyes. Children will enjoy looking at animals, angels and lots of children. My favorite drawings are the lion and the lamb and the wonderful shepherd. You'll read writings from Blake and Barton and sing a hymn by Alexander, plus Silent Night by Joseph Mohr. The colorful pictures will keep young one's attention while the subject content will be favored by older children. My only disappointment in the book was that I felt the story layout was in random order and didn't flow well with me. It seemed a bit jumbled and mixed up at times. All in all, the book makes a lovely gift for the holiday and the author is truly a very talented artist.

    4/5 stars!

    Peace on Earth, A Christmas Collection

     “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis

    Review: Claude Debussy (First Discovery - Music)

    Claude Debussy: First Discovery - Music l LadyD Books

    Written by Pierre Babin and beautifully illustrated by Charlotte Voake, the team provides wonderful insights into Debussy's compositions creating beautiful pictures. I love this book!

    • Product Details

  • Age Range: 7 - 11 years
  • Grade Level: 2 - 6
  • Series: First Discovery: Music
  • Hardcover: 28 pages
  • Publisher: Moonlight Publishing (May 1, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1851033211
  • ISBN-13: 978-1851033218

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    As a boy, Debussy wanted to be a sailor. At music college in Paris he used to shock his teachers with the sounds he made on the piano. Children who want to know how to make a glass sing or hear the sound of the sea in a teacup will learn much from Debussy.

    • My Review
    Debussy was a French composer who wrote some wonderful piano music. When he was 7 years old he started taking piano lessons and was admitted to the famous Paris Conservatory when he was only 10 years old. He became very interested in composing music and experimented with new ideas and sounds. Debussy loved the sea and water, and many of his pieces have something to do with water. Most of the titles of his pieces are very descriptive and suggest what the piece is about in "Gardens in the Rain" or "Reflections in the Water." You will enjoy the book of listening to Debussy's music. His melodies are smooth and graceful like flowing water.

    5 stars! Highly recommend!

    • Debussy had many interesting ideas about music and composing

    There is nothing more musical than a sunset.

    Music is the space between the notes.

    Composers aren't daring enough.

    Collect impressions. Don't be in a hurry  to write them down.

    • The Submerged Cathedral
    One of Debussy's famous piano works is called La cathedrale engloutie which means sunken or submerged cathedral. The piece is based on am old story of a cathedral that is sunk beneath the water off the coast of France. On clear mornings the cathedral rises to the surface and then sinks again.

    In Debussy's music you can hear the church bells and organ across the ocean and then slightly muffled as they go back underwater. 

    Claude Debussy (First Discovery: Music)

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