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View of Valley: LadyD Books

Valley View: LadyD Books

storm clouds: LadyD Books

I just started reading The BFG by Roald Dahl. Here in SoCal we find ourselves now putting a jacket on because of these big storm clouds. They remind me of a big, friendly giant getting ready to descend! Funny thing is that the warm temperatures are sky-rocketing for the weekend! I love Fall.

Photos for Skywatch Friday

The BFG: LadyD Books

  • Inside the jacket flap:

Sophie allowed her eye to travel farther and farther down the street. Suddenly she froze. There was something coming up the street on the opposite side.

It was something black...
Something tall and black...
Something very tall and very black and very thin...

"Never!" cried BFG passionately. "Take a bite and I am positive you will be shouting out oh how scrumdiddlyumptious this wonderveg is!"
The BFG by Roald Dahl 

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Review: Franz Schubert (First Discovery - Music)

Franz Schubert (First Discovery: Music) l LadyD Books

                                                          For ages 7-11, Grades 2-6

I'm a huge fan of Franz Schubert. I wanted to take a peek inside the book because of its awesome cover art. The beautiful children's book is displayed proudly in my music studio for students and parents to enjoy. I am passionate about music education. Let me tell you a little bit about the book.
  • About The Book
Delightful hardcover children's book written by Paue du Bouchet and narrated by Michael Cantwell.
Here are the list of songs you'll find on the CD in the back of the book.

First Discovery
(11 songs, 42 minutes)

  1. House 'At The Sign Of The Red Crab'
  2. Better Than His Father
  3. A Fine Blue Suit
  4. Music Above All Else
  5. The 'Schubert Quartet'
  6. A Passion For Composing
  7. I've Lost My Piece Of Mind
  8. The Songs
  9. Chamber Music
  10. Piano Music
  11. The Symphonies

Franz Schubert (First Discovery: Music)
  • Review

Schubert, a true Romantic artist who drew his beautiful music from painful situations. He knew he wasn't going to live long and it saddened his heart. He appreciated the sounds that were stirring within and created great compositions for the world to hear. 600 wonderful songs were written, like poems expressing deep feelings some written for voice and piano. The author, illustrator and narrator provide a great selection of music for all young musicians to enjoy in this very attractive book. The illustrations are gorgeous, along with historical and family background for children to learn about. If you are studying an instrument, writing songs, performing music with others or come from a musical family, the book is an excellent way to introduce children to classical music. You will enjoy listening to Schubert's music over and over. This is a great addition for the piano studio and homeschool library.

5/5 stars! Highly recommend.

  • Schubert

1/31-1797 to 11/19-1828

Popular Works:

Symphony No. 8 in B minor (Unfinished) (1822)
Symphony No. 9 in C ("Great") (1825-28)
Piano Quintet in A ("Trout") (1819)
"An Sylvia," "Erlkonig" & other Lieder

Schubert was a musical prodigy at age 10 and became a composer at 19. At 23, he had over 500 works.
Sadly, he lived in poverty and his health declined. He died at the age of 31 and according to his own wish, he was buried close to his hero, Ludwig van Beethoven.

Thanks to Allison Roy and Moonlight Publishing for the opportunity to review a great book. It's one of many from a great series. I really like this one.

Franz Schubert (First Discovery: Music)

 Happy Reading!

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Little Safari Pirate Cove

View from the San Diego Safari Park: LadyD Books

lagoon at safari park: LadyD Books

Balloon ride at the Safari Wild Animal Park: LadyD Books

Yesterday my husband and I walked about the San Diego Safari Park. We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves since we arrived at 9:00 a.m. when the gates opened and of course, it was a week day when the children were in school. It's a huge place to walk about and take in all the animals and foliage. It is one of my favorite places to visit because of the wide open spaces, so peaceful and the vast natural habitat animal preservation that is there. I'm all for making our environment eco-friendly and preserving wildlife world-wide, especially supportive since it's in my own back yard.

Do you have a favorite place you like to go to that's peaceful and serene?

 Happy Pirates Day. Missed my post on the octopus pie? Arghh... you can see it here mates! Along with some hearty sounds, Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl

The  Bully Book: LadyD Books

  • About The Book
What is The Bully Book? Part mystery, part tragedy, part comedy. Originally self-published as an ebook by a member of Team Starkid, The Bully Book is now available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook editions. The paperback includes a Q&A with the author.
Eric Haskins, the new sixth-grade bully target, is searching for answers. And unlike many of us who experienced something awful growing up, he finds them. Though they may not be what he expected.
When the author was eleven, he was bullied. This book is loosely based on incidents that happened to him in sixth grade.
The Bully Book is a Top Ten Indie Next List pick of 2013, and Publishers Weekly called The Bully Book a "gripping debut novel."

"Not that he's got good reason to be scared. The Grunt is me."

The Bully Book: A Novel

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Cumulonimbus and Crepe Myrtle

beautiful eastern skies

palm trees

clouds in the horizon

huge cumulonimbus cloud: LadyD Books

We've had warm days and beautiful skies with these wonderful cumulonimbus clouds for a spectacular September. We're going into another hot weekend with temps in the 90s. This is what it looks like in SoCal. How is it where you are? For more pretty views, visit Skywatch Friday

crepe myrtle in front yard

We planted a baby Crepe Myrtle tree near our pond in the front yard and as you can see in the last picture, they can reach for the sky. So, grow baby grow. Hoping to provide shade someday.

close up of crepe myrtle

Photos for Weekend Flowers

homemade pond in front yard: LadyD Books

tall crepe myrtle

The Friday 56

The most trusted guide to the world of children's publishing!

If you write or illustrate for young readers with the hope of getting published, the 2014 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market is the trusted resource you need. Now in its 26th edition, CWIM is the definitive publishing guide for anyone who seeks to write or illustrate for kids and young adults. Inside you'll find more than 650 listings for children's book markets (publishers, agents, magazines, and more)--including a point of contact, how to properly submit your work, and what categories each market accepts. You'll also find:
  • Interviews with some of today's hottest authors and illustrators, including author R.L. Stine (the Goosebumps series), author Marie Lu (Legend), author Beth Revis (Across the Universe), and illustrator Debbie Ridpath (I'm Bored, written by Michael Ian Black)... more.

"I definitely think that when people are inappropriate about other writer's work or have a bad experience with someone in the industry and talk about it on a public forum, such as Facebook or Twitter, that reflects badly." -- Ward
Do you have your copy?

2014 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market (Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market)

 Happy Reading!

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Review: Little Naomi, Little Chick

Little Naomi, Little Chick Cover Art

Little Naomi, Little Chick

  • About The Book

Little Naomi has a busy day! She gets ready for school, plays with all her friends, builds with blocks, bakes mud pies, colors pictures, eats lunch, and helps mom with the shopping. Little Chick has to stay at home with the other barnyard animals, but that doesn't stop him from having adventures of his own.

In this sweet and fun book, two parallel stories run side-by-side, linked by the implicit friendship between Naomi and Little Chick and brought to life by endearing illustrations.

view inside children's book

  • About The Author/Illustrator

Avirama Golan is an award-winning author, journalist, and translator. She currently lives in Israel.

Raaya Karas is an illustrator for children's books and magazines, and also works as a designer. She lives in Israel.  

Little Naomi waking up for school

  • My Review
A charming book with delightful illustrations. It's a fun story about a preschooler and a chick going in a similar direction but not meeting, yet having a friendship of being understood. Chick stays home with other barnyard friends, while Naomi starts her morning routine before heading to preschool. Once there, she plays with friends, colors, builds, bakes, and then shops with her mommy and eats with daddy all in one day. Plus, there's bath time and lullabies before bed. With simple text, early readers will enjoy every detail. I especially like the rhythm and repetition of reading aloud with my grandchildren, "But NOT little chick."

5/5 stars. Highly recommend.

Little Naomi, Little Chick

Happy Reading!


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Skywatch Friday: Up On The Roof

eastern view from roof top: LadyD Books

hazy sky view: LadyD Books

driveway wall: LadyD Books

I'd rather see a little bit of peaceful country sky than a part of the skyline of L.A. but that's just me!

Our neighbors have a lovely view from up high. Their eastern view is quite stunning. Sometimes you'll see a thin marine layer and up above, some pretty blue sky. I am enjoying the last of these summer days before we head into Fall. I hope your summer has been full of wonderful fabulous memories. For more wonderful sky view shots, visit:

Photos for Skywatch Friday

Skyline view of downtown L.A.: LadyD Books

Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, Wiltshire, England
Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, Wiltshire, En...
Buy From

The song, Up On The Roof was written by the New Yorkers but performed by the Drifters in 1962. It was very popular and still is with many. I like James Taylor's soothing version of the song.

 Up On The Roof


                When this old world starts getting me down
                And people are just too much for me to face
                I'll climb way up to the top of the stairs
                And all my cares just drift right into space

                On the roof it's peaceful as can be
                And there the world below don't bother me  

                So when I come home feelin' tired and beat
                I'll go up where the air is fresh and sweet
                I'll get away from the hustling crowd
                And all that rat-race noise down in the street

                On the roof that's the only place I know
                Where you just have to wish to make it so  

                When this old world starts getting me down
                And people are just too much for me to face
                I'll climb way up to the top of the stairs
                And all my cares just drift right into space

                At night the stars put on a show for free
                And darling you can share it all with me  

I keep on telling you that
                Right smack dab in the middle of town
                I've found a paradise that's trouble proof
                And if this old world starts getting you down
                There's room enough for two up on the roof  
                Up on the roof 
                Up on the roof 
                Up on the roof   

"The clean, unbroken surface of the west wall belies the complexity of its construction. What looks to be a smooth skin of uniformly thick tongue-and-groove red cedar siding is just the visible layer of a multi-layered sheath, whose composition in the curved wall is different from that in the straight walls."

Frame Carpentry (Builder's Library)

 Are you remodeling or is the house in need of repairs? This series is a great resource. I'm so glad my husband and son love to work with wood... do you?



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Book Review: Sun Moon Daughter

Sun Moon Daughter

I want to thank David D. Fix and co-author, Dr. Steven G. Hamming for giving LadyD Books a fabulous opportunity to review their beautiful children's book (for adults, too) with a very sensitive, timely message.

                                               Sun Moon Daughter

About The Book

Sun Moon Daughter offers parents a way to talk with their children about divorce. When the Sun and Moon meet in the sky and fall in love, they produce a heavenly daughter, Grace. Throughout the story, Grace witnesses and comes to terms with her parent's separation. As children react to Grace's experience, they are given a chance to reveal their feelings about what might be going on in their own lives. Sun Moon Daughter assists both parents and children in working through what is typically a difficult and complex episode in their lives. Therapeutic questions and statements written by Steven G. Hamming, PsyD align with each of the page's themes. Sun Moon Daughter was written to provide hope to both parents and children as they move forward in building loving relationships.

My Review

Woven throughout the well-written story is a powerful message of comfort and hope for Grace, and for kids everywhere. The creative characters, plus many warm illustrations will help children who may be hurting and confused, trying to understand why one day their parents are together and then they're not. Feelings are important and divorce is a huge adjustment for Grace feeling like a burden, especially when her Dad (Sun) and Mom (Moon) won't stop fighting.  Do they still love her? Can she love them both?

The authors provide excellent, engaging questions in the back of the book to help parents and their children deal with issues of respect so that no one gets lost and all feel safe. You'll find a new, meaningful perspective that will empower families with love and support in their relationships with one another. I love the book!

5/5 stars. Highly Recommend for home, school and church library.

Author Interview

Thank you David Fix for this wonderful interview,  letting our readers get to know you better.

Tell us a bit about your book and where it’s available.

Sun Moon Daughter offers parents a way to talk with their children about divorce. It is available at and also on An iBook version is also available for the iPad.

What was the inspiration for your book?

Growing up I would hear my uncle, who is a Catholic priest and who does a lot of counseling, talk about how kids often feel like they caused the divorce of their parents and also feel like they have the power to stop it. I just thought about how unfortunate their false beliefs were and the impact they could have on the children.

What was your aim for this book? What did you want readers to think and feel when reading it?

Sun Moon Daughter was written with the idea of inspiring hope. In the story, Grace finds her power in a seemingly powerless situation. She realizes her ability to create a relationship with each of her parents. It is my hope that children will regain a sense of power in their lives.

Do you have any other books currently available?


What will you be working on next?

My next book is Jet and Ruby’s Castle and is in some ways a counterpart to Sun Moon Daughter in the fact that the two characters fall in love.

How did you originally get into writing?

My grandfather was a story teller and inspired me. I’ve always been creative, but writing children’s books has become my favorite outlet. And all the lessons I’ve learned from playing music and from creating movies translates to this medium.

What do you enjoy most about being a writer?

Several people have cried after reading Sun Moon Daughter because it moved them. This is the greatest reward.

What do you find hardest about being a writer?

The writing is fun. Illustrating takes a lot more work for me. And the business end of the operation is also labor intensive. When writing, being able to stay in the zone, weeding out tangents and staying focused, but still maintaining the magic is the most important thing for me.

Who or what would you count as your main influence?

My major influences are Maurice Sendak and Christopher Van Allsburg. Both authors illustrate their own work and they both tell magical stories that empower the child.

What do you enjoy reading?

I enjoy reading Science Fiction, Fantasy and metaphysical material.

Who is your favorite author?

My favorite authors include John Steinbeck, Leonard Cohen,  George R. R. Martin, Maurice Sendak and Christopher Van Allsburg.

What would be your ideal writer’s haven for creating your book? Would you have a desk in a quiet cabin somewhere or an iPad on the beach?

I love to be in nature when creating. Ideas often come to me when I’m riding my bike. But the bulk of the work happens in my office in front of my computer.

For more information, visit and You can also listen to Sun Moon Daughter Interview

Learn what others are saying about Sun Moon Daughter.   

To the authors, best wishes and much continued success! I LOVE the book!

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