Bartholomew The Cockatoo

White Parrot at the San Diego Safari Park: LadyD Books

The White Cockatoo: LadyD Books

Large white parrot amidst rainforest at the Safari Park: LadyD Books

This beautiful bird has been perched at the Safari Park for quite sometime now. With every trip I make, this majestic white bird is always there. I'm not really sure if it's a male or female but we've nicknamed him, "Bartholomew the Cockatoo." Being new to bird watching, I'm thinking it's a White Cockatoo. Here's what I learned from wikipedia

The White Cockatoo (Cacatua alba), also known as the Umbrella Cockatoo, is a medium-sized all white cockatoo endemic to tropical rainforest on islands of Indonesia. When surprised, it extends a large and striking head crest, which has a semicircular shape (similar to an umbrella, hence the alternative name). The undersides of the wings and tail have a pale yellow or lemon color which flashes when they fly. It is similar to other species of white cockatoo such as Yellow-Crested Cockatoo, Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, and Salmon-Crested Cockatoo, all of which have yellow, orange or pink crest feathers instead of white. 

All I know is that I waited  a long time to see the bird fluff up his crested feathers but he/she kept nibbling away at the tree branch in need of sharpening the beak. What I did notice was that the toes were pointing forward and some backwards. Beautiful bird around 14 lbs. or so and I was told they are endangered. What a wonderful sanctuary for them and for all to see at the San Diego Safari Park.

 Photos for Wild Bird Wednesday

If you're thinking of getting a parrot, you may be interested in this book,
Cockatoos (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

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Jet Vapor Sky

Summer Sky Trails: LadyD Books

 Skywatch Friday

I think this is a jet vapor or something when a rocket was shot off nearby. Pretty summer sky facing southward in SoCal!

Friday 56 

Christa Black: God Loves Ugly
Late one night she'd finally seen enough and lovingly talked to me about my need to always be the best. -- Christa Black

 I am enjoying the book and can't wait to post my review. I saw her speak at a worship conference and I must say, her words are raw and truthful. She holds back no punches. She has suffered a lot and is able to be transparent and help others through their hurts and bruises, encouraging others to feel good about themselves and love their body. I have taken a few counseling classes in my day, in hopes to be a blessing to someone in need one day. This is a good read.

God Loves Ugly


About The Book

DO YOU EVER LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND HATE WHAT YOU SEE? Your eyes can lie. Rejection, shame, and self-hatred can poison perceptions and hinder us from seeing and believing what's actually true. In GOD LOVES UGLY Christa Black shares her personal victory against powerful adversaries--her thoughts, feelings, and reflection. From world-touring stadium performer to rehab-bound bulimic binge eater, Christa's unashamed transparency will win your heart, hold your attention, and give you practical tools to overcome the monsters that can consume our lives. She invites the reader into her own painful struggles and spiritual journey, providing solutions to life's problems in a highly entertaining and vulnerable, yet empowering way. You were made to live free. Whether you are struggling with an eating disorder, depression, addiction, or just feeling a little insecure, GOD LOVES UGLY will shift the way you think, motivate permanent change, and inspire your heart to find peace 

Product Details

  • Paperback: 222 pages
  • Publisher: Gifford Publishing; First edition (November 26, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0615416403
  • ISBN-13: 978-0615416403

 About The Author

Christa Black is a popular blog author, speaker, and singer/songwriter whose songs have been recorded by multi-platinum-selling artists Jordin Sparks and Michael W. Smith. She has toured with The Jonas Brothers, Michael W. Smith, and Jennifer Knapp. Christa lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband and rescue dog, Nala. GOD LOVES UGLY is her first book and corresponds with her CD/Album God Loves Ugly. 

What Others Are Saying

"'GOD LOVES UGLY' is a song that changed my life and self-esteem, and now GOD LOVES UGLY is a book that has inspired my heart." --Jordin Sparks, American Idol Winner

"I can't recommend this book enough. Christa's effortless style and honesty will reach hearts, inspiring hope for all who struggle to believe true freedom is for them." --Michael W. Smith, Grammy Award Winning Artist.

God Loves Ugly

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The Crested Crane

African Crowned Cranes: LadyD Books

 Two African Crowned Cranes at the Safari Park, graceful as a pair of Flamingos. This gentle bird is the national bird of Uganda and has a loud call during flight.

Crane resting on the savanna

They eat insects, reptiles and small mammals on the savanna, laying in dry open habitats.

Crane nesting in water habitat

The gray African Crowned Crane nests in wetter habitats, like freshwater marshes and wet grasslands.

Two African Cranes

I spotted these two a far, chatting away (bird talk) as they scurried across the savanna!

Cranes having long hind toes

The Black African  Crowned Cranes (Balearica pavonina) root in trees due to their long hind toes allowing them to grasp branches.

Linking to Wild Bird Wednesday

Grey crowned crane
Grey crowned...
Frank Krahmer
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Vacation Time

I'm taking a little time off from blogging, teaching and gardening. A little R&R is much needed. Heading out to a hotel and will probably be surrounded with many folks listening to lectures at the convention. I'll tell you more about it when I return next week. Hope your summer has been a delightful, refreshing time for you! Must remember to bring my camera along... Happy trails!

Best wishes dear readers,

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Review: Vibrant Food

LadyD-Books: Review of Vibrant Food Cookbook


 About The Book

The vivid colors of fresh produce inspire this artistic collection of whole foods recipes from the creator of the acclaimed blog The Year in Food.

Kimberly Hasselbrink, photographer and creator of the acclaimed blog The Year in Food, invites you to look at ingredients differently and let their colors inspire you: the shocking fluorescent pink of a chard stem, the deep reds and purples of baby kale leaves, the bright shades of green that emerge in the spring, and even the calm yellows and whites of so many winter vegetables. Thinking about produce in terms of color can reinvigorate your relationship with food, and in this collection of recipes, Hasselbrink employs aesthetics, flavor, and texture to build gorgeous yet unfussy dishes for every season.

Recipes take you on a journey through spring’s Pasta with Nettle Pesto and Blistered Snap Peas, summer’s Berry–Coconut Milk Ice Pops, fall’s Turkey Burgers with Balsamic Figs, and winter’s Sparkling Pomegranate Punch. Featuring photo pairings that celebrate not only the finished dishes but also the striking ingredients that create them—plus a photograph of each and every recipe—this book reveals an artistic picture of whole foods eating.

Vibrant Food


Celebrating the Ingredients, Recipes, and Colors of Each Season Written by Kimberley Hasselbrink

Millet Stuffed Peppers

                                     Summer Millet Stuffed Peppers with Tomatillo Salsa

Carnitas Tacos

                                                     Carnitas Tacos with Apple Salsa

The Friday 56

"Summer's produce comes in big and loud and fun and full of boisterous color."
-- Kimberley Hasselbrink

Vibrant Food: Celebrating the Ingredients, Recipes, and Colors of Each Season 

Do you have a garden this summer? If not, where do you purchase fresh produce?

My Review

I'm a visual learner and I must say, the colorful produce photos here are fantastic. There are tons of delicious recipes to enjoy. Overall, the cookbook is neatly organized by the seasons. I'm fascinated with food photography and how it holds my attention. This is well done. There's so many wonderful meals to choose from. I especially like The Bold Colors of Summer because I can go to my garden and bring the fresh produce in and create a snack, such as strawberries and herbs with mint, cilantro and a Serrano chile. You feel good about yourself when you know you're eating well. Having 5 grandchildren, their favorite is Summer Berry-Coconut Milk Ice Pops. My hubby loves Grilled Trout with Green Tomato Relish and Salmon Banh Mi. You'll find a measurement conversion chart in the back of the book. I recommend this beautiful cookbook. I loved getting to know a little bit about the author and sampling many useful recipes. 5/5 stars!

"I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review."

About The Author

KIMBERLEY HASSELBRINK is a food photographer, writer, and creator of the acclaimed site The Year in Food, which was a finalist in Saveur's 2012 Best Food Blog Awards and has been nominated again this year. Her work appears regularly in the Etsy blog, and her photography clients include Williams Sonoma, Bon Appetit, Harvard Common Press, Kinfolk magazine, Edible San Francisco, Foodzie, Rewinery, Grist, and CUESA. The Year in Food has been praised by The Kitchn, Food52,  Gourmet Live,  Anthology magazine,  Refinery 29, Spry Living, and Babble. Bon Appetit named Kimberley's Instagram account one of the fifteen Best Accounts for Food Lovers.

You can like Vibrant Food on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Pinterest.

Vibrant Food: Celebrating the Ingredients, Recipes, and Colors of Each Season

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Creating Word Clouds

LadyD-Books: Word Cloud

 I found a cool creative resource online. You'll find it at I wanted to share it with my readers because I will not be participating in all my book and photo memes this week. You see, my children and 5 grandchildren are coming home for a family reunion this summer. Oh, it will be grand to see everyone again and all be together! We've had family gatherings at resorts before for many folks to fly in from other parts of the states. One year we went to Snowbird, a ski lodge in Utah. It was quite nice and the price was reasonable due to the off season at a ski resort.

creating word clouds online

This time all my peeps will be staying at our home. We'll be swimming a lot and going on a safari at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. I know there will be lots of reading time with picture books!! Have you experienced a family reunion? If so, what was your favorite part? Of course I'll be taking lots of photos... Probably 68,000 or so!! Hope to catch up with you soon.

Wishing my dear readers, Happy 4th!

Blessings to all!

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