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Max Elliot Anderson
I had written an earlier post on a subject that is close to my heart...nourish the love of reading!

How to raise a reader
by Mary VanClay

Reviewed by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board

"It's never too early to steer your child toward books. But for toddlers, the goal is not to make sure they can read the classics before they're out of preschool. "The phrase to remember is 'developmentally appropriate,'" If interested, read more at

It seems that I'm not the only one interested in helping children become readers. Are you familiar with Max Elliot Anderson? Here is his comment of kind words to me:

"I always appreciate finding others who are concerned about helping children become readers.
That's because I grew up as a reluctant reader. And my father was the author of over 70 books. Now I write action-adventure and mystery books, especially for tween boys. My blog, Books for boys, is # 4 on Google today.
Keep up your good work!"

So, who is Max Anderson? I love the name Max because that's my Uncle's name! So, let's visit the world of Max Elliot Anderson and start with his blog:

Right away Max lets you know what his blog is all about and why you will want to stay awhile and drink fresh inspiration from his writing skills!

"Here we will concentrate on books for boys, reluctant readers, and why reading is so important. After all, readers are the leaders others follow."

I was impressed not only with Max's professional writing skills but now I had read about his blog reaching # 1 on Google when people are searching for Books For Boys.
April 16, 2009 - Eight years ago, children’s author, Max Elliot Anderson, sensed a need in the market for books for boys.
“I noticed a predominance of books for girls or books that had a girl as the main character. My background is in the production of motion pictures for children. Through that experience, I learned that girls would watch a boy’s story, but boys were not interested in girl’s stories. So I used that same template in my writing.”... more at:

In Jack W. Regan's interview of Max, I learned a little more of the author's background and of his future projects. "I feel better suited for writing action-adventures and mysteries for tweens, especially boys... I find writing for kids to be the most fun, and very easy. So far I’ve never experienced writer’s block." more of the interview with Max:

In reading up on the surprise visitor to my blog, I discovered that Max Anderson completed 35 manuscripts. Seven of these are published!

* Newspaper Caper
Newspaper Caper
Newspaper Caper (Tweener Press Adventure Series #1)

* Terror at Wolf Lake
Terror at Wolf Lake
Terror at Wolf Lake (Tweener Press Adventure Series #2)

* North Woods Poachers
North Woods Poachers
North Woods Poachers (Tweener Press Adventure Series, No. 3)
* Mountain Cabin Mystery
Mountain Cabin Mystery
Mountain Cabin Mystery (Tweener Press Adventure Series #4)

* Big Rig Rustlers

Big Big Rustlers
Big Rig Rustlers (Tweener Press Adventure Series, No. 5)
* Secret of Abbott's Cave
Secret of Abbot's Cave
Secret of Abbott's Cave (Tweener Press Adventure Series #6)
* Legend of the White Wolf
Legend of the White Wolf
Legend of the White Wolf (Tweener Press Adventure Series #7)

Seven is my favorite number! With the looks of this great list of book reading material, I know I plan to invest in all of these paperbacks for my Grandson's future reading!

I am honored and blessed to have received a visit from this wonderful author, Max Elliot Anderson, who shares the same passion with me... getting kids hooked on reading!

Max, thanks for stopping by!

~ LadyD
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