Review- In the Footsteps of Paul

I received the book, In the Footsteps of Paul by Ken Duncan from Thomas Nelson. I am so appreciative to have read this great book of treasures during Holy Week. Thank you, Thomas Nelson! The photography work of Ken Duncan is breath-taking. Being Greek and having family in Greece, this book captured my heart with superb photos of Thessalonica, Parthenon on the Acropolis, Saint Paul's Church in Crete and the Temple of Artemis, Ephesus.
Ken's eye for beauty had me from the start. He opens with a stunning sunrise photo. I have taken many sunrise photos myself from Maui to Punta Chivata, Mexico. It is thrilling to rise early in the morning hours just to capture that moment. Ken's shots are professionally displayed in the book. While glancing at photos of Israel, Greece, Italy and Turkey, being the true fishing woman that I am, you can feel the ocean breeze blow through your hair and smell the salt in the air! Ken's intro with the Icon painting of a Portrait of an apostle is a reminder of my background being raised Greek
. Here's an example of Ken's work:

For more examples of his wonderful work, visit

Ken Duncan: In The Footsteps of Paul

Here's a little background on Ken Duncan.

"Ken Duncan (born 20 December 1954) is a photographer from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. He is regarded as one of Australia's most acclaimed landscape photographers, and gained prominence for his pioneering work with panoramic landscapes and limited edition photographic prints."
I've talked on and on regarding Ken's stunning photographs from the book, In the Footsteps of Paul. If you would like to see his gallery for yourself, please visit
Ken Duncan, author.
This gorgeous, hardcover book starts with a Forward by John MacArthur, the Pastor of Grace Community Church..."But no one was more committed to the truth of the gospel or more devoted to Christ than Paul. His ministry literally cost him everything, and he happily gave it all."
Rick Warren photo.
Mixed throughout the book, you will find quotes from special people such as Spurgeon and Richard Exley. One of my favorite quotes is from Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. He is the author of The Purpose Driven Life.

"Great souls are grown through struggles and storms and seasons of suffering. Be patient with the process."

And another good one can be found on page 37 from Richard Exley...

"Never make the mistake of belittling the eternal value of the ministry you invest in another."
To sum it up, the book In the Footsteps of Paul is:

* An inspiring book
* A beautiful photography book
* The book showcases visited places from Paul's travels
* Amazing photography, travel book

Not only is the photo of wild poppies etched in my mind forever, but I now have a greater understanding of Paul. From Philip Yancey, "... Paul never recovered from the impact of grace." So, the challenge for us now is... what are we going to do with the example of Paul's walk?

In the Footsteps of Paul 5/5 stars!

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