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Sal and Sally
A funny thing happened to me online the other day. I was introduced to the author of Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear, Jay Miller. He had left a comment on Book Blogs and I followed the link to his website. I immediately bonded with some of Jay's characters in his books and I love his style of writing. I was fortunate to exchange a few sentences or two with Jay Miller.

What I have learned about Jay is that he has been married to his wife for thirty years. Together they have seven children and thirteen grandchildren. He is a retired Electrical Engineer. Presently he is writing a five-story compilation novel called "All God's Critters." It is approximately 80% completed. Jay is a member of Published Authors, Book Marketing Network, and many other writing groups. He is also the Founder of the newly formed "Rock the Babies" Foundatio

I was attracted to the art on the cover of this book. I knew I had to purchase the book and read it to my Grandsons! Having not read this book yet, I did some research on it and found some very nice folks who had great things to say about Sal and Sally!


Title: Sal and Sally
Author: Jay Miller
ISBN: 978-1-935028-13-0
Genre: Children (Toddler age 3 to 6)
Pages: 23
Reviewed By: Brian Knight

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Sal and Sally are best friends that enjoy playing together and discovering new adventures. One day, the two happy-go-lucky sea bass stumble upon the most amazing pastime…they learn how to blow bubbles! In the ocean, they blow big bubbles, little bubbles, and bubbles of many different colors. For hours, just the two of them laugh and swim around all the blown bubbles until Nellie, the octopus, swims over to join in.
Nellie sees how much fun Sal and Sally are having and really wants to join them. But Nellie has a big problem…she doesn’t know how to blow bubbles.
Sal and Sally daily come to Nellie’s rescue and are happy to teach her. Nellie proves she is an excellent student when she exhales and blows a huge bubble. A bubble so enormous, it engulfs Sal and Sally inside.
Sal and Sally attempt to pop the bubble, but to no avail. And what’s worse—Nasty Nick, the Texas long nose shark, comes by and now they are in real danger. Afraid, Sal and Sally can only watch as he approaches.
Nasty Nick is looking for dinner and can now see his meal trapped inside this bubble. He attempts to pop the bubble with his long nose; but like Sal and Sally’s attempt, the bubble just won’t burst.
Sal and Sally are safe, but this leaves Nellie outside the bubble and looking scrumptious for Nick’s next meal. Will this be Nellie’s last frolic with her two new friends or will Nasty Nick have a change of heart and let Nelly go free?

Once again, Jay Miller composes a delightful tale.
In a joyful way of learning, Miller uses rich descriptions, delivering powerful messages of life values and morals—playing and working together in a way that shows even a nasty shark needs friends. In “Sal and Sally,” the colorful illustrations compliment the story and are sure to grab the little listeners’ attention. With joyful songs at the end of the story, everyone will surely be dancing about the room as they envision many bubbles bouncing and floating around them.

“Sal and Sally” is sure to be a favorite on any child’s bookcase. I recommend this book for those children who have lots of energy. Those who love to dance, sing and have fun. And adults who wish to spread positive life values and morals to those little ones they love.

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Sal and Sally

April has a review post of Sal & Sally at

April goes on to say,

"Sal And Sally was great fun to read, and quite captivating for children to listen to. It is quite repetitive which young children love Even before they can read they will be chanting along with you.
It is a beautiful book...flowing and poetic with lovely humor. Anyone who reads this will be drawn in right from the very first word. It is an engaging children's story with all it's graceful prose, and full bodied characters. I particularly loved the atmospheric setting in the Ocean. This book is uplifting and an enchanting tale that is likely to become a childhood staple. Miller is a mesmerizing storyteller, his book is deeply emotional with wonderful three dimensional characters. Sal and Sally, a couple of Sea Bass are infinitely appealing ... one gets the sense of them having a caring respectful friendship ; which is rich and satisfying. Beyond the familiar elements is the underlying current that they just might be eaten by Nasty Nick the Texas Long Horn Nose Shark. This added dimension elevated the story to more then just a fun children's tale but one with a message. Miller has a talent for navigating children's emotions through Sal and Sally; from the familiar....discovering how to blow bubbles, to the friendship and respect between them, to their fears of being eaten and Nick's anger for not getting what he desired and ultimately to everyone getting along and having fun. A masterful blend of love, and humor, with a little of bit wonder thrown in.
Beautifully written..... highly recommended.... a perfect 10.
At the end of the book are words to a few songs :

* The Octopus Song
* Nifty Nick's Bubble Blowing Song
* The Turtle Song."

Being Greek and loving to fish, I just know this book will be perfect for my 2 Grandsons. And being a piano teacher, the music on the trailer, well it's my kind of music! This wonderful Grandpa, Jay Miller, has written a winning series of books. I look forward to hearing more from Jay and will keep my eye open for new releases. A big thanks to Jay Miller!

Book Review : Sal and Sally "All God's Critters Toddler Series #2 by Jay Miller

A book review of the children's book Sal and Sally by Jay Miller.

Take a look at the trailer video for yourself and listen to this very cool music:
Book Video Trailer: Sal and Sally

Sal & Sally, two small sea bass, explore the ocean floor for a new game to play. They accidentally discover how to blow beautiful colorful bubbles, and soon they are trying to teach Nellie The Octopus how to blow them, too. However, she accidentally blows one so big that it entraps both Sal and Sally, and when Nasty Nick the Texas Long Nose Shark crashes the scene - can the friends figure out a way to avoid becoming his mid-afternoon snack...?

I will definitely be getting this book... thank you, Jay Miller!

Sal and Sally

-- LadyD

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