Book Review of The Disappearance of God: Dangerous Beliefs In The New Spiritual Openness by R.Albert Mohler Review

Al Mohler

First of all, this book so brilliantly written by R.Albert Mohler Jr. is like a full course gourmet dinner. The table is beautifully set with what Paul called the "treasure" that has been entrusted to us... now it is our responsibility "to sort" through theology.I had the opportunity to review the book, The Disappearance of God, by R.Albert Mohler Jr. on the Father's Day Book Tour.
We live in today's world that is spinning so rapidly, filled with doubt and insecurity.
The church is called to be a people of truth, to persevere with true faith and grace alone.

Many hot topics are discussed in Mohler's book:

* Can we be good without God?
* Disappearance of Sin
* Hell Under Fire
* The cross Is Beautiful

Basically, Al Mohler is sounding the trumpet, a wake-up call to the church, if you will.
Carson, Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church, says:

 "We get things wrong not only because we are not omniscient, but also because we are corrupt, morally blind, painfully selfish and given to excuses and self-justification."
I think the nuts and bolts of the book is about the moral danger of the church which is tolerance of sin. Spurgeon was driven to the Bible as his only authority and message. The foundation of expository preaching is the confidence that the Holy Spirit will apply the word to the hearts of the hearers as the ministry of word and spirit.

My rating on this book is 4 stars. The subject matter is definitely 5+ stars. I loved the exhortation and wake up call if you will. The book is so deep and so serious in subject matter that I viewed it as a huge theology study guide. What I gleaned is that there are lots of untruths out there and that the Bible is the absolute, guaranteed authority of truth. Seek the treasure!

The Disappearance of God

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More faulty information about God swirls around us today than ever before. No wonder so many followers of Christ are unsure of what they really believe in the face of the new spiritual openness attempting to alter the unchanging truth.
For centuries, the church has taught and guarded the core Christian beliefs that make up the essential foundations of the faith. But in our postmodern age, sloppy teaching and outright lies create rampant confusion, and many Christians are free-falling for “feel-good” theology.
We need to know the truth to save ourselves from errors that will derail our faith.

As a Biblical scholar, author, and president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Albert Mohler, writes, “The entire structure of Christian truth is now under attack.” With wit and wisdom he tackles the most important aspects of these modern issues:

Is God changing His mind about sin?
Why is hell off limits for many pastors?
What’s good or bad about the “dangerous” emergent movement?
Have Christians stopped seeing God as God?
Is the social justice movement misguided?
Could the role of beauty be critical to our theology?
Is liberal faith any less destructive than atheism?
Are churches pandering to their members to survive?
In the age-old battle to preserve the foundations of faith, it's up to a new generation to confront and disarm the contemporary shams and fight for the truth. Dr. Mohler provides the scriptural answers to show you how.

The Disappearance of God: Dangerous Beliefs in the New Spiritual Openness

-- LadyD

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