Summer Reading: Dive Into A Good Book

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While my summer schedule of teaching piano is changing this week due to summer camps and swim lessons, I got to thinking about always having a good book with you... you know, just in case you have some free time to enjoy reading and diving into a good book.

Awhile back I discovered a great article called How to read a children's book to children: Summer reading tips for younger children by Shari Transue of the San Diego
examiner. You will want to stop by and take a look at her free summer reading tips!

Shari, an examiner from Allentown, mentions schools and libraries posting book lists for your children. I am always popping into our local library and catching up with some of my piano students helping out in the library this summer. In fact, one of my students has self-published an exciting mystery book through I'm so proud of him!

"Every time we read to a child we condition the child to associate books with pleasure." - Jim Trelease READ ALOUD HANDBOOK

** Summer Reading Tips

* Previewing the books - Just like any movie, you should preview or read your younger child's books to make sure you approve of the content. Just because it is in the children's section does not mean that all content is appropriate or accepted by all parents. So prepare yourself for the reading.

* Allow your children to choose - Since you are previewing, give your child some choices of selected titles. Preview 5 - 6 books at the library or bookstore with your children and give them 2-3 choices from your selected options.

* Be Creative and Animated - Be expressive when you read to your children. They love it. They want you to be silly and happy, so get into the book. Go to your imagination and be a kid again. Your child will remember the story and you will make a great connection with your child.

* Ask your child questions - Ask your child during the story and after the story to be sure they understood what was read to them. Ask them to tell you about the story.

These are great tips shared from Shari's article. Who is Shari, you ask?

Shari Transue resides in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. She’s a Keystone College graduate, holding Bachelors in Communication Arts & Humanities and Education certification. Formerly a preschool teacher, Shari loves collaborating with parents, teachers, and reading children's literature.

Great job Shari! Thanks for listing tips on a subject that I'm passionate about... encouraging reading!

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-- LadyD

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