Children's Book Review: A Heart Ready to Fly by Jackie Chirco Cogswell

Giggle Heart Adventures #1
I am a new blogger with Divine Inspiration Publishing and wanted to thank them for the opportunity to review my first Christian fiction book, A Heart Ready to Fly by Jackie Chirco Cogswell. I was delighted to see three beautiful children smiling widely and was immediately attracted to the cover art and title: GiggleHeart Adventures #1.

While Sophia and her little brother fly across the country on a plane without their parents, Sophia runs into an angel who teaches her from God’s Word about fear, judgment, pride, anger and discernment. In this hilarious adventure, she also discovers how confession and repentance clean dirty, stink’in hearts so that we can giggle with God’s amazing joy. Join the fun and your heart is sure to giggle!

About the Author

Jackie Chirco Cogswell is a Family Physician and the loving mother of three delicious children. While searching for entertaining Christian books, she was led by the Holy Spirit to fill that need by writing this book. A Heart Ready to Fly is the first in a series of novels, the Giggleheart Adventures. This series is designed to entertain and teach families about how God’s Word applies to each of our lives. Her books are also intended to encourage our hearts to giggle in a way that only God’s joy can provide.

Product Details

* Hardcover: 128 pages
* Publisher: Divine Inspiration Publishing; First edition (July 6, 2009)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0982049064
* ISBN-13: 978-0982049068

* My Review:

First, we are introduced to Sophia Rose Giggleheart who is 8 1/2 years old and loves all animals. You just know that every young girl can relate to that. Then we learn of Sophia's brother, Luke Michael Giggleheart who is 6 1/2 and annoys her to pieces. Doesn't this sound like your everyday down to earth family with sibling rivalry? Together the two of them take a plane trip from California to Michigan and so the fun begins!

As this adventurous tale unfolds, Sophia meets Frank and by the sound of his name you'd think he would be just your average Joe kind of guy but no, Frank is an angel! Throughout the book, Jackie Chirco Cogswell brilliantly weaves scripture and biblical application of truth in a unique approach that causes young people and all of us who are "young at heart" to easily understand God's love for us in a fun and loving way. Real heartfelt issues are talked about and lessons of walking in faith, following your heart will melt away the fears that young people have.

My favorite character is Sophia because not only is that my Aunt's name but she has similar charming characteristics. Plus I think so many of us can relate to Sophia's attitudes that are in need of a heart change. I love the book and rate it 5 stars. You can easily read it in an evening. This book is for all readers and I highly recommend it to you. I look forward to reading GiggleHeart Adventures #2 and much more from this very talented author.

A Heart Ready to Fly

-- LadyD

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