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Charlie and Mama Kyna

Thank you Diana Rumjahn for the opportunity to read your new children's book... I loved it! I understand that Charlie And Mama Kyna is based on the original motion picture "Going Home". The film, which features the same characters, has appeared in numerous film festivals worldwide, including The Times British Film Institute London Film Festival, and was the recipient of the Honorable Mention Award at the Marin County Film Festival in Marin County, Calif. and The Memorable Film Award at the International Panorama of Independent Film and Video Makers in Patras City, Greece.

Diana says, "After all of the positive experience that came with my film, Rumjahn says, I decided to bring the story to life in words and pictures as well. Hopefully, the book will allow many more children to enjoy Charlie and his friends."

Charlie and Mama Kyna Official Book Trailer

* What the Book is About:

The story is about a little stuffed animal frog, named Charlie who runs away in fear after accidentally breaking his mother’s favorite vase. Charlie makes his way to the city and meets a stuffed animal Lion, named Leo and a stuffed animal giraffe named Joe outside Mrs. Cupcake’s Bakery. The three become best friends and live inside a little orange tent outside the bakery.

After awhile, Charlie becomes homesick, misses his mother, Kyna, decides to go home and invites Leo and Joe to live with them. On the next sunny day, Charlie, Leo, and Joe, journey to find Mama Kyna’s home.

My Review:

Charlie And Mama Kyna is the best picture book for easy reading alone or together. This lively tale of adventure with the most adorable friends is colorfully illustrated and woven with a valuable educational lesson that the author, Diana Rumjahn so beautifully shares with her warm style of writing. From a children's and adult perspective, this exciting page-turner has a successful plot unfolding with Charlie, the main character, resolving his dilemma and learning an eye-opening, heart-changing message... there's no place like home!

The children's book begins with "Once upon a time"... and we find runaway Charlie, the cutest green frog, now mind you not just any green frog but one adorned with a smashing red tie, sitting by his two friends, Leo Lion and Giraffe Joe. Their bright orange tent is happily set up in front of Mrs. Cupcakes Bakery. I can almost smell the aroma of delightful goodies displayed in her store!

Well, it seems Charlie accidentally broke his Mom's favorite vase and because he was so afraid and embarrassed, he ran away from home. Have you ever felt like that before? It doesn't take long and soon Charlie really misses his mommy and Charlie sets forth on a journey back home and invites his friends to come, too. After hiking for sometime, Charlie gets so tired that Leo decides to carry him on his back as they continue along together. It is here that I am reminded of the song, "He's not heavy, he's my brother".

Similar to the story of the prodigal son, our hearts leap with joy upon reading of Charlie's safe return and hearing Kyna, Charlie's mother's warm response and the moral of the story I might add, that people matter more than things. Kyna decides to throw a party for Charlie's best friends and family. Afterwards, we find all the characters of the book having a part to do in this wonderful safe family... ah, to be loved, there is nothing finer.

I rate this book 5+ stars and highly recommend it to you. I look forward to reading more from this author. I have been reading Charlie and Mama Kyna over and over to my Grandson and I trust that you will, too!

* Product Details

* Reading level: Ages 4-8
* Paperback: 38 pages
* Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (January 30, 2009)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1419656872
* ISBN-13: 978-1419656873

* About the Author

Diana Rumjahn earned a bachelor's degree in social science from San Francisco State University where she currently works at the Collage of Creative Arts. She wrote and directed the film "Going Home" which has been screened at venues worldwide. Rumjahn resides in San Francisco and is currently at work on film and book projects.

* Small World

Not only do I share the same first name with Diana but I also have a daughter living in San Francisco. She has worked on Bottle Shock, Harvey Milk and Sideways filmed on location all around beautiful San Francisco. Presently she is doing the props on the TV series Trauma and I was privileged to meet the director at one of the mornings shootings on the set at Treasure Island. A thrilling experience for me for sure and I am a very proud mama indeed!

* What Others say

"Drizzle, drizzle, drizzle, drop, drop, and drop - reading CHARLIE AND MAMA KYNA to your children will be as much fun for you as it will be for them listening to it. The adorable stuffed animals in this book learn a lesson about forgiveness, true friendship and the importance of a home sweet home. The perfect bedtime story." --Tigerpress Verlag GmbH of Hamburg, Germany April 2009

"This children's picture book--about a lion and giraffe accompanying their newfound friend, a frog, on his journey back home--is based on an award-winning short film."

"...laudable messages of friendship, love and fortitude... vivid, evocative word choice..."

---Kirkus Discoveries -- Kirkus Discoveries March 2009

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