Children's Book Review: Shadow The Curious Morgan Horse

Review: Shadow The Curious Morgan Horse

Product Description

"Shadow: The Curious Morgan Horse," introduces the characters of the award-winning Morgan Horse series to younger readers. In this adventure, the young horse Shadow decides to explore the woods beyond her pasture. She searches for a magic pond and along the way meets many different forest animals. But when Shadow realizes she has become lost, how will she find her way home?

Product Details

* Reading level: Ages 4-8
* Hardcover: 32 pages
* Publisher: Willow Bend Publishing; 1 edition (December 1, 2006)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0970900260

About The Author

Award-winning author Ellen Feld began her career in a field far removed from horses. Receiving a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts with a double major of Russian and Soviet and Eastern European Studies, Ms. Feld continued her studies with graduate work at Georgetown University where she focused on Russian Studies. After a brief stint working in the foreign policy office for a US Senator in Washington, DC, Ms. Feld realized she missed her childhood home and returned to rural Massachusetts.

Back home, Ms. Feld resumed her first passion: horses. It was at the stable that she learned the importance of discipline and being dedicated to one's sport. In addition to the hard work, Ms. Feld also learned to appreciate the various personalities and quirks of individual horses. While working with horses was not new to her (she had been competing at Morgan Horse shows since she was a child), her skills matured and her love of Morgans grew. As an adult, Ms. Feld's repertoire included saddle seat, reining, hunter pleasure, driving, barrel racing, and western pleasure. With her gelding Rusty, Ms. Feld won the New England Morgan Horse Association High-Point Trail Award for five consecutive years. Ms. Feld has owned numerous equines of other breeds including Morabs, Appaloosas, Quarter Horses, and Miniature Horses.

Ms. Feld began writing about horses more than twenty-five years ago. At first, she wrote for small, regional publications, but within a few short years, her work began to appear regularly in large, national publications. Her articles have appeared in publications such as The Morgan Horse, Stable Management, Equestrian, Young Rider, Just About Horses, Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar, Tri-State Horse, and The Appaloosa Journal.

Ms. Feld's stories are noted for their realistic portrayal of horses, their behaviors, and the experiences of young riders. To attain this believability, Ms. Feld uses her horses as the basis for the animal characters within her books. For example, Ms. Feld's horse Blackjack, a showy English pleasure horse, stumbles over the smallest of jumps. In the book Rusty, the main character Heather tries to teach her beloved Blackjack to jump, but like the real Blackjack, he is unable to get his feet over the tiny ground poles. Many of the experiences that Heather has with her horses evolve from adventures that either Ms. Feld or one of her friends has had with their horses. The plots in her books reflect the reality of working with horses, and it is this down to earth quality, combined with fast-moving, fun horse action, that keeps the stories authentic and attracts so many readers.

Ms. Feld lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two children, ten horses, and assorted pets.

My Review:

I remember the days when my daughter at a very early age would pretend that a Eucalyptus tree branch was her horse that she called "lightning". So many country girls seem to be horse crazy where I live, a small town where the pace is slower and you just want to stop and drink in the sounds.

It is a privilege to introduce you to a delightful children's picture book called "Shadow" by Ellen F.Feld. This book was provided for review from Willow Bend Publishing. Ellen's books are very authentic for the portrayal of horses and their riders.I found Shadow The Curious Morgan Horse to be one of the best horse books I've read. Along with Jeanne Mellin's realistic illustrations, this hardcover book is a winner for sure. I rate it 5+ stars.

The book begins by a beautiful red barn with an introduction of Shadow and her mother named Frosty. Jeanne perfectly illustrates many animals of the woods that children will adore. I learned a lot about Morgan horses as Ellen brilliantly unfolds the story plot and the words are easily read by children and adults, whether alone or together.

"A Morgan Horse is a specific breed of horse, the same as a Basset Hound is a type of dog. Morgans are known for their stamina, sweet personalities, and stylish good looks."

There's even a moral to this wonderful children's story while Shadow is on a quest to discover the Magic Pond in greener pastures. The "don't leave home to go exploring without your mother" ring out loud and clear. Shadow is an all around blue ribbon picture book!

For more information and to see Ellen's Horse Games, visit her website:

Editorial Reviews

A delightful story - A great choice as a gift for any horsey boy or girl. -- Kelly Bowers, Editor, The Rider

Lavishly illustrated with 21 full-color pictures, this hardcover edition is designed to excite and charm young horse-loving readers. -- All Creature's Exchange

This is a delightful book, charming from beginning to end. Illustrations perfectly reflect the light-hearted and imaginative tone. -- Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar - Jan., 2007

This is not only a very appealing book visually, but it has a smoothly written story. -- TCM Reviews - Dec., 2006

You are guaranteed to delight in this story. Feld is a talented, creative, artistic writer. Absolutely delightful! -- Crystal Reviews - Dec., 2006

Young horse lovers will enjoy reading about the adventures of Shadow, an inquisitive foal, as she investigates the exciting and strange world outside her field. Ellen F. Feld knows how to write for young riders, and her latest book, Shadow: The Curious Morgan Horse is sure to please! --Lesley Ward, Editor, Young Rider Magazine

I was as captivated by this little book as any youngster could possibly be! The story line and drawings created a smooth, gossamer, and whimsical tale that any budding animal or horse lover would appreciate and treasure. This is the type of book that builds confidence and enjoyment in a child's reading skills and creates an ideal stepping stone from 'learning to read' to 'reading to learn.' It is a magical little story worth adding to one's collection or to give as a gift to a child or grandchild (while you're at it I'd suggest acquiring copies of the other books in this series). Marguerite Henry look comes Ellen F. Feld! --RoundTable Reviews

Popular children's author Ellen Feld has given kids another reason to turn off the TV and pick up a book. The story of Shadow is a heart-warming tale of an inquisitive foal who wanders into the woods beyond her pasture. Along the way, Shadow meets new friends and her curiosity even gets her into a bit of trouble as she searches for a magic pond in the woods. This is a delightful book for youngsters. The story is charming from beginning to end, and the 21 colorful illustrations by Jeanne Mellin perfectly reflect the light-hearted and imaginative tone of the story. Horse-crazy kids will love having mom or dad read this story to them over and over. Bottom line: Beyond a "Shadow" of a doubt, this is a great book. --Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar

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