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William Frazier Elementary school was having a Holiday Boutique sale on Friday. So I went over to the multipurpose room and set up my table to sell Barefoot Books. I also left my home early that day to stop by a local bookstore. I found a copy of Amazing Anthony Ant, Lift The Flaps hardcover book written by Lorna & Graham Philpot! Are you familiar with the book? Apparently the book is out of print so I was extremely pleased with my find and purchased the book right away. What a treasure for my Grandsons!

Product Details

* Hardcover
* Publisher: Random House (Merchandising) (March 1994)
* ISBN-10: 0679858989
* ISBN-13: 978-0679858980

* My Review: Amazing Anthony Ant

Amazing Anthony Ant is a very clever, imaginative book. First, inside the cover, you'll find verses with music notes in the melody line to the tune of 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home'. Then you can try to guess what's under the flaps, which is an exercise in imagination and rhyming. Each colorful page with gorgeous illustrations includes a maze and a search for Anthony Ant. This is repeated from 1 to 10 ants, so it's a counting book as well. The book can be used as a science project with your own ant hill as well. I recommend this book for all ages. I hope this book gets published again. For now, you can check it out of your library.

* Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly

There is no doubt about it: Anthony is one antic ant. And his creators have made sure that young readers will be kept similarly busy. This entertaining book offers a familiar song to sing ("The ants came marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah . . . "); four flaps to lift on each spread (revealing different endings to the corresponding stanza); a sequence of underground mazes to follow; and the Waldo-esque challenge to find Anthony in each picture. It is Anthony, rather than the traditional "little one," who stops marching during the song, and the authors have devised some kid-pleasing reasons why he does. Marching "five by five," he stops to "go for a drive"; "visit a hive"; "jiggle and jive"; or "take a dive." Behind the flaps, amusing illustrations show Anthony engaged in the specified activities. Also diverting are the minute particulars worked into the mazes, which are packed with tiny, bustling ants--and plenty of puns and plays on words. A paper-over-board format and sturdy pages will help this volume withstand repeated flap-lifting by eager little hands. Ages 5-8.

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~ LadyD

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