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Touched by a Vampire

What do you need to know about vampires? You may think that you don’t need to be educated about the vampire trends in media—especially the Twilight Saga—but your family is being bombarded with messages from books (Twilight, Wuthering Bites) to television (Vampire Diaries, True Blood) to movies (New Moon releases on November 20).

One of the most popular vampire outlets is the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. The second book New Moon is being made into a movie that hits theaters in November.

Special thanks to WaterBrook Multnomah for the invitation to participate in a blog tour for Touched by a Vampire: Discovering Hidden Messages in the Twilight Saga by Beth Felker Jones and Thirsty by Tracey Bateman, an excellent Christian alternative to the mainstream vampire novels. I'm so glad I said yes to Touched by a Vampire because not having read any of the twilight book series, I wanted to learn about the attraction that my high school piano students have with these books. Being Greek and being a YaYa, that's Greek for Grandma, I have always loved family. It's the best thing there is in all the world. I am aware that Mormons study family trees. So, I was very interested in what Beth had to say about the Vampire series and her answer to Mormon's regarding the Christian family.

* My Review:

Beth Felker Jones does a superb job of dissolving the illusion and deception of what love is not and lays a clear foundation for the reader of what is truth and light that can be found in God's love through Jesus Christ. The book made me think hard about my own impressions of those I've known who have never experienced belonging to a family and what perhaps is different in their perspective of what makes for a family unit.

I enjoyed watching the story unfold as the author gives a loud warning, which I am sure is the author's intent for Bella, the main character, who finds herself so deeply attracted to the Vampire Family that seems to care for one another. One of the main lessons in Beth's book is that stereotypes can cause harm. This destruction can happen when the hope for true love is fading over the horizon of their longings and young folks decide that something is better than nothing. Especially in today's hard times, young people need to know that:

* all families can be disappointing
* parents fail to be consistent
* Children fail to love their parents
* all families make mistakes

Shattering the hopes of a "Prince Charming" and "If only I had" attitude that young folks so often have, the author of Touched by a Vampire goes on to say that messy, imperfect, normal families have the freedom, to be honest and real with one another. We love each other because we are limited and broken and human. You don't have to be glittering and immortal in order to know happiness and love.

When we put all our hope in other things, in romantic love, a fairytale marriage or even our own interests- that hope is sure to disappoint. One thing I am sure of, Jesus will never disappoint. If you are a bible study teacher or know of a young person who is searching for truth, pick up a copy of this great book! I loved it and give it 5+ stars.

About This Book:


People around the world are asking the same question, enraptured with Edward and Bella’s forbidden romance in the Twilight Saga, a four-book serial phenomenon written by Stephenie Meyer. The bestsellers tell the story of a regular girl’s relationship with a vampire who has chosen to follow his “good” side. But the Saga isn’t just another fantasy–it’s teaching girls about love, sex, and purpose. With 48 million copies in print and a succession of upcoming blockbuster films, now is the time to ask the important question: Can vampires teach us about God’s plan for love?

Touched by a Vampire is the first book to investigate the themes of the Twilight Saga from a Biblical perspective. Some Christian readers have praised moral principles illustrated in the story, such as premarital sexual abstinence, which align with Meyer’s Mormon beliefs. But ultimately, Beth Felker Jones examines whether the story’s redemptive qualities outshine its darkness.

Cautionary, thoughtful, and challenging, Touched by a Vampire is written for Twilight fans, parents, teachers, and pop culture enthusiasts. It includes an overview of the series for those unfamiliar with the storyline and a discussion guide for small groups.

About the Author

Beth Felker Jones is Assistant Professor of Theology at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. She is the author of The Marks of His Wounds: Gender Politics and Bodily Resurrection, as well as numerous articles and reviews. Beth is a mother and a pastor’s wife.

Product Details

* Paperback: 192 pages
* Publisher: Multnomah Books (October 6, 2009)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1601422784
* ISBN-13: 978-1601422781

C.S. Lewis wrote:

"It is not an abstraction called Humanity that is to be saved. It is you... your soul, and, in some sense yet to be understood, even your body, that was made for the high and holy place. All that you are... every fold and crease of your individuality was devised from all eternity to fit God as a glove fits a hand. All that intimate particularity which you can hardly grasp yourself, much less communicate to your fellow creatures, is no mystery to Him. He made those ins and outs that He might fill them."

Touched by a Vampire: Discovering the Hidden Messages in the Twilight Saga

Touched by a Vampire by Beth Felker Jones was provided for review by Multnomah Books.

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