Book Review: Mozart in the Future by Tania Maria Rodrigues Peters

Mozart in the Future

Carsten Peters invited me to review the children's book Mozart in the Future written by Tania Maria Rodrigues Peters and illustrated by Pedro Caraca.  Being a piano teacher for over 15 years and having a classical background I was delighted to have this opportunity and graciously accepted. Having studied Mozart and also having piano students choose a piece by Mozart for a recital piece, I was anxious to read this paperback book and read the author's approach to a great classical composer. Besides, the book title intrigued me.

My Thoughts:

The book begins in a small village  in Vorarlberg where we meet Max one of the main characters who loves to play the piano,  along with his mom and dad, a sister, too. This family has a similar lifestyle as mine, the love of gardening, cooking and preserving food. Right away Tania reveals to us the family dynamics of a laid-back father, a strict mother who strongly desires for her two children to be successful in music and a four-year-old sister who adores her brother.

The main characters, Max, and Mozart meet one another and develop a beautiful exchange of friendship. Young readers will stay captivated as the plot flows along in today's world with TV, cell phones, elevators, and escalators. The boys seem to need each other and the spirit of music inspires them both. This wonderful book written by Tania is a powerful love story of music and a fun adventure filled with imagination and inspiration for all young musicians and music teachers to read.

I was so impressed with Tania's detailed descriptions with her writing skills! Page 44 reads:

" Max takes him to a room where the piano is. Mozart runs to it like a person who has not had a drink for days and suddenly sees a jug of water."

If you are a creative person in need of inspiration to continue with your composing and practicing of your instrument or if you find yourself performing in front of crowds of family and friends with joy and strength from your heart and just need a reminder of refreshment to keep dreaming, creating and shining brightly for all to see, then I highly recommend this great book to you. It is definitely one that I will want my piano students to have in their library. You will want to find out if Mozart can return to the past when the future is in his mind! I love music and I love this book! 5 stars!

There's a Torte recipe at the end of the book that you will enjoy, too!

About The Book:

Max is really a boy like any other, but he has a talent for music
and a strict mother who wants him to be a great musician.
When the doctor says that Max must not to go to school for a few days,
Max has no idea that he is about to meet one of his heroes:
Mozart, the genius
who was one of the greatest composers of all times.
Can you imagine Mozart as a child, going down a snowy slope on a sledge,
watching cartoons on TV or eating hamburgers?
Well, in ‘Mozart in the Future‘ all that and more is possible
when you follow their adventures as they try to return Mozart
to his own time, helped along by a mysterious fairy-like being called the
Spirit of Music.

 For more information about the author, visit her website at:

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