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Awhile back I had written a blog entry on dinosaurs , particularly Dinosaur Roar because my grandsons were really into playing with them back then! You can read more about it at:

Dinosaur Roar 

Well, this particular book is on my Support Your Local Library Reading List so I decided to read it this time to my neighbor's little girl to see her reaction. I love how the book begins with comparing and contrasting dinosaurs. For example, they're either fierce or meek. Dinosaur's either roar or squeak. Young children seem to giggle when you read the part out loud where dinosaurs are fast or they are slow! And then especially when you see that a dinosaur is either fat or he is tiny, this will usually bring about much laughter out loud!

Dinosaurs of every shape and size race, roar, and stomp through this colorful book of opposites. And where are all these silly-looking creatures off to? A dinosaur picnic, of course! These goofy pranksters and the simple, playful rhymes that accompany them will delight children everywhere. Surefire fun for readers big and small.

Paul Stickland is the author and illustrator of Dinosaur Stomp! and Ten Terrible Dinosaurs. He and his wife, Henrietta Stickland, have also collaborated on The Christmas Bear.


Paul Stickland is the author, illustrator and pop-up engineer of many, many children's books, including Dinosaur Roar!, The Christmas Bear, Santa's Workshop, Big Dig, One Bear One Dog, Truck Jam, A Number of Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Galore, Monkey Business, Ten Terrible Dinosaurs, Bears! and many, many more...
I am based in the ancient town of Sherborne, Dorset, in England.
I have six children, Rowan, Felix, Gus, Kit, Arthur, and Tabitha.
For the past few years, despite a rigorous publishing schedule, I have spent as much time as I can out on the road, giving inspirational talks and fun drawing and pop-up workshops to children (and their parents!) in schools, libraries and literary festivals, from Edinburgh, Cheltenham and Glastonbury. I have worked in the UK, Italy, and America, in a great diversity of settings, the more challenging the better!

The visits start with the simplest of readings, through explanations of the process of creating and producing a children's book, to drawing workshops and hands-on pop-up workshops. I am happy to work with all sizes of groups. I have found working with children with special needs to be particularly rewarding.

I am a passionate advocate for the world of children's books and as the years pass, I have become more and more drawn to working with and empowering young children to expand their creativity through this magical world.

If you are interested in contacting me, please do so via my website,
Do visit my websites, stores and blog:*

I love this book and highly recommend it to your little ones! 5 stars!

Here's the latest entry at Paul's blog:

"Naughty Little Dragon sitting on my desktop this morning, whilst I draw fish…"

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