Children's Books for Father's Day!

Here is my list of wonderful children's books that I have chosen to read to my grandson this weekend.
Whether you're singing songs or making dinner, simple moments shared between parents and children are special times, for sure. To all the dad's, granddad's and daddy's to- be... Happy Father's Day!

1. When Papa Comes Home Tonight - Eileen Spinelli

When Papa comes home tonight, dear child,
(I promise - not too late)
you'll hear me whistling up the road.
You'll meet me at the gate.

I love this book because the illustrator, David McPhail is the one who did Laura Numeroff's When Sheep Sleep. Eileen Spinelli is the author of When Mama Comes Home Tonight. I loved her tender words in both stories. She writes from the heart and her readers just know how soothing her words are.

2. Say Daddy - Michael Shoulders

"On the day I was born Mother welcomed me into the world with tears of joy and read me my first book."

 What I love about this book is creating the bond of reading. Sharing books is important to this bear family. Dr. Michael Shoulders, says that reading is magic and offers a gentle telling of the power of reading together and the lifelong love of books.

3. What could be better than this? - Linda Ashman

"There once was a king with a glorious castle and splendid clothes, and yet sometimes he felt lonely and sad. There once was a woman who sailed ships and found buried treasure in caves, but her heart yearned for something more. One day the two met and married. They ruled the castle hand in hand, danced through the nights, and went on adventures together. After some years they gave up their gold and castle for something much sweeter: a baby. Now they end each day with a warm, tender kiss, saying "What could be better than this?"
I love this book. The Queen and King embark on a journey, leaving the castle to find something sweeter than this.  At the end of the story, they say, "Nothing is better than this."

-- LadyD Books
“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis

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