Endless Boogie with Warren Hanson's Bugtown Boogie

On a hot summer's day, such as today when we reached temperatures in the 90's, it was time to rest after a good swim and read another children's book. One interesting choice from our library search was a green hardcover book with bugs playing musical instruments called Bugtown Boogie by Warren Hanson.
"I was strollin' on home through the woods the other night,
When I saw something a-flashin'-
It was shining mighty bright!
It was blinkin' and a-winkin''
near the bottom of the tree,
So I scurried on over just to see what I could see."
About the Book:

On his way home, a little boy happens upon a magical door to a tiny bug town where termites play the trumpet, centipedes dance, and the Queen Bee announces that everyone in her kingdom should "Boogie down!"
Warren Manson's rhyming, rhythmic read-aloud, filled with bug sounds and dance moves, jives with Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher's rockin' art for jammin' insect adventure.

My Thoughts:

What could be more fun for a grandmother than to read aloud to her grandson who loves bugs:
 "Freega, Freega, The Bugtown Boogie. Zmmmm, Zmmmm, The Bugtown Boogie, shakin' up the woods tonight."
It is a pure delight to enter Bugtown, seeing a ladybug playing flute, the ants shaking, caterpillars twisting, and glowworms dancing disco all through the night.
Our family loves Bugtown Boogie. ***** stars!

Bugtown Boogie

About The Author:

Warren Hanson has been writing and illustrating children's books for the last twenty years. He's the author of Grandpa Has A Great Big Face, the author and illustrator of The Next Place, and the illustrator of the Peef books and A Cup Of Christmas Tea.

You can visit him online at:

Warren is an artist, writer, speaker, and musician. I am happy to own one of his books in my library... A Cup Of Christmas Tea. But then, you just knew how much I love a cup of tea, right?
Ah, there is nothing like a cup of hot tea and a good book to read, why even on a warm summer's day like today. O.k., let's make it an iced tea!

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis

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