Fran's Friend by Lisa Bruce

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 Fran's Friend by Lisa Bruce, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw.

Why is Fran ignoring her best friend, Fred? Why won't she play with him? Turns out, there's a very good reason; she's making him a surprise! Celebrate fun and friendship with Fran and her best dog, Fred.

Lisa Bruce is the author of Fran's Flower. She is a former children's librarian and lives in England.

Tom Morning Book Review from Booklist:

"It's a warm summer day and Fran's friend Fred (a friendly and enthusiastic dog) wants to play. Fran, meanwhile, is working on some sort of craft project, as she clomps about the house in her enormous slippers. Fred tries to help out, but although he seems much smarter than the average dog, he keeps retrieving the wrong thing (newspaper instead of construction paper, a hairbrush instead of a paintbrush). Finally, he gives up in despair only to discover that Fran has made a card for him, letting him know that he's her best friend. Beardshaw's energetic, brightly colored paintings, big and bold, do much to enliven this simple story. Their unusual perspectives (overhead, from the side, and close-up) add fun and make this a winner that will be great for small-group sharing."

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I loved this book! ***** stars! Do you have it in your library?
-- Lady D

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