Two Children's Book Winners by Karma Wilson

 I enjoy reading Karma Wilson's children stories. Karma lives in beautiful Idaho and is the author of Dinos on the Go and the New York Times bestseller Bear Snores On. Here are two of her children's books I recently read to my grandson.

1. Mr. Murry and Thumbkin by Karma Wilson
"Once there was a furry mouse, a skitter, scatter, scurry mouse, a flurry-about-in-a- hurry mouse, whose name was Mr. Murry Mouse. He lived alone in an old teapot, and Mr. Murry worried a LOT!"
So begins the charming tale of two very different, but lovable mice. Mr. Murry worries about every little thing all day long. He worries especially about his new neighbor, Thumbkin, who moved into the pumpkin next door. Thumbkin is the most laid-back mouse around and has not a care in the world.
While manic Mr. Murry works and frets to get all of his fall chores done before winter arrives, lethargic Thumbkin lazes around in his yard, soaking up the sun and eating fat pumpkin seeds.
Will Mr. Murry, who worries too much, and Thumbkin, who worries too little, ever be able to get along and meet somewhere in the middle?

My thoughts:

Mr. Thumbkin never worries about tomorrow. You see, he lives inside a pumpkin. But then there is Mr. Murry and he lives in a teapot. I love the morals taught in this book because indeed you do have to think of tomorrow... find out why and what happens in this very cool book. 5 stars!

We recently returned from vacationing in beautiful Santa Barbara and experiencing "Fiesta Days"! More on that later. But upon returning from our trip, my grandson and I discovered a wonderful surprise.  Many of our pumpkins have turned orange in the month of August! What fun to read about Mr. Murry and Mr. Thumbkin amidst our pumpkin patch!

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2. Whopper Cake by Karma Wilson

Today is Grandma's birthday, and Granddad has an itchin' to bake a WHOPPER chocolate cake and traumatize the kitchen!
Join the madcap frenzy of making the biggest  cake in the world! And the biggest... mess!

My Thoughts:

Great illustrations and a fun rhyme combine for another great book from Karma Wilson.  Using his pick-up truck and generous helpings of all the ingredients, Granddad sets out to make a birthday cake like no one's ever seen before. What a fun story to read aloud and the recipe on the back sounds good but alas, I'm allergic to chocolate. I guess my grandson will eat my portion, too! 5 stars!
Another happy occasion I experienced while on vacation was attending my daughter's baby shower. We celebrated in style with this very cute, white chocolate cake!

I hope your summer for the month of August is going well for you!
Love, LadyD
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