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About The Book:

Lady Grace, a children's story about Sage and Felicity Faithful, a young chipmunk couple living in the San Bernardino Mountains, awaiting the birth of their first baby. The Faithful family lives a charming life surrounded by friends and relations. As teachers they seek to instruct their students about living in harmony with other woodland creatures while caring for their community knowing that whatever happens to the forest will have long-term effects on everyone who lives there. Lady Grace is a story designed to teach children the importance of respecting themselves, one another, their community and the environment.

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No. of Pages          72
Height x Width          213 x 140 mm

My Review:

What a beautiful story! This is one that will be loved by all young people, their parents, and grandparents. How wonderful it is to meet Felicity and Sage who are chipmunks living peacefully in a community with other chipmunks such as Pastor Maloney and Mayor Bennett.

M.I. “Pergie” Scarrott uses well-chosen words describing the chipmunks’ forest surroundings of tall ponderosa, living in their comfortable, cozy burrows. The story line moves along quite nicely as we are introduced to the main characters, Sage and Felicity’s new baby chipmunk, Grace. You can easily finish the book in one sitting.

The book best conveys what we want to say about keeping our forest environment safe from careless fires.

This book could be used in a classroom for many different themes:

The Bark Beetle
The Forest Ecosystem
Rebirth of the Forest
Environmental Protection
Environmental Responsibility

Most importantly, this sweet children’s book, Lady Grace is filled with spiritual nuggets that children will learn about through a chipmunk story such as:

Daily Provision
Outward and Inner Beauty
Obedience Brings Blessing
When Tragedy Hits

Lady Grace touched my heart as I am a piano teacher and we learn through this story that Felicity teaches piano, too. The author lives in Southern California and I as well. Having seen the devastation of the bark beetle throughout our Palomar Mountain and having been surrounded by three fires and forced to evacuate our home, I highly recommend this book for its wonderful teaching qualities. I love Scarrott’s style of writing and I look forward to hearing more from this wonderful author. Lady Grace, I highly recommend this one. 5 stars!

 Happy Reading,
 -- LadyD

 P.S. Oh yes, have a wonderful new school year ahead!

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