Picture Book: Tom's Tree

Tom's Tree by Gillian Shields

Tom's Tree

When Tom plants a seed, he knows it will grow into a magical tree that is perfect for all his childhood adventures. But trees take long to grow. "I wish you'd hurry up," Tom says to his tree. As days turn into years, Tom has to wait for the passing seasons to do their work.
Tom plants a seed. When it grows, Tom knows it will be a magical tree, full of fruit and peacocks. "I wish you'd hurry up," Tom says to his tree, but all the wishing and whispering in the world won't make the seedling grow big and strong . Tom has to be patient and wait for the passing seasons to do their work.

An uplifting story about love, hope and patience through the generations.

Gillian Shields is a talented children's book author who draws writing inspiration from her experience as a drama teacher. She and her husband have two children.

 About the author

Gillian Shields was born in Yorkshire and read English at Cambridge. After university, she studied acting in London. She then taught drama for several years. Having children gave Gillian her first motivation to write stories for them. She lives in East Sussex.


  • Like the classic "The Giving Tree", this is an inspiring story of hope and love.
  • Glorious, imaginative illustrations by exciting new artistic talent. Illustrated by Gemma Raynor
  • Gemma Raynor only graduated from North Wales School of Art and Design in 2006, winning the ‘Young Designers’ illustration award in her final year. This will be her first book for Gullane Children’s Books. Gemma lives in Sheffield.

 Product Details
  • Reading level: Ages 4-8
  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Good Books (May 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1561486639
  • ISBN-13: 978-1561486632
My Thoughts:

Simply a very sweet story about a boy with a dream and his older, doubting brother. An uplifting story about learning patience, and the passing on of ideals from generation to generation.

My grandson and I visited our local library and discovered this fine book together. What books about trees have you read before? I know, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn! :)

Happy Reading,
-- LadyD

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