Review: The King's Christmas List

The King's Christmas List
by Eldon Johnson

The King's Christmas List
By Eldon Johnson
Published by Thomas Nelson

Book Description

“Emma couldn’t wait to go to the King’s birthday party, but what should she bring? Emma and her little dog Shu-Shu were thrilled to be invited to the King’s birthday party. But what do you get a King for his birthday? Emma and Shu-Shu have no gift, but they bring the Christmas cake they made with Mom and put on their Sunday best as they dash to the King’s carriage. And of course, Emma couldn’t go anywhere without her beloved Cherry-Bear. On the way, they have encounters that lead them to bestow their cake, winter-cape, and even Cherry-Bear, on others. Now they’re chilly, rumpled, and empty-handed—what will the King think? Emma frets, but when they finally meet the King at his palace, they discover they gave the King exactly what he wanted.

Children and parents will be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas, and that the greatest gifts we can offer to the Savior are gifts to the least of his brothers and sisters (based on Matthew 25:40). Families will be able to go online and be directed to notable charities to give their own gift to the King.”
The King's Christmas List

My Thoughts

This is a sweet story with a simple message written for the whole world to know of.

It's about giving to others, like one act of kindness or paying it forward, especially at Christmas when the emphasis is on materialism with kids echoing to one another, "What did you get for Christmas?"

This beautiful picture book with stunning illustrations by Bonnie Leick show the main character, Emma wearing a red dress and a red bow in her hair, along with her wee gentle dog Shu-Shu against a white, snowy background.

The book, well written by Eldon Johnson,  begins with the two of them playing in Emma's playhouse that her Daddy built.  I can remember when my husband built a playhouse for our little one and such wonderful, magical events took place inside.

Emma finds herself in The King's Kingdom when she opens the door to her playhouse. Why even the mailbox is glowing and inside she finds an invitation to the King's birthday party.

Soon a beautiful horse drawn carriage arrives for Lady Emma  and her gentle dog Shu-Shu to take them to "His Royal Christmas Celebration".  Along the way, Emma meets people who are in need.

She stops to offer them what she has with her and continues her journey to the King’s party. When Emma arrives at the party she sees that no one is giving a gift to the King and Emma doesn’t have a gift to give to the King either. 

She later finds out that her giving to the people she meets on her way to the party is the best present she could give to the King. If you were invited to a King's birthday party, what would you bring him? Many would say, "their heart."

Ideas for your gift giving this year can be found at the back of the book. Begin your journey here.

I love this beautiful children's book! Excellent for gift giving and an added blessing for home and Sunday School libraries. 5 stars!

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Thank you,
-- LadyD

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