Book Review: The Porch Dream by Tiffany Ann Laufer

The Porch Dream
Tiffany Ann Laufer, the author, and illustrator of The Porch Dream contacted LadyD Books asking for a  review of her children's book from publisher Bellaboo Books. I am so glad I said "Yes" because I love this book and my 2-year-old grandson does, too! Thank you Tiff for your generosity in enclosing gorgeous, colorful postcards, bookmarks and the opportunity to review a delightful picture book.

My Review:

Can you imagine a dog, a very special Bella dog,  driving and riding on all types of trucks,  a scooter, fire truck and a lawn mower?! Tiff Laufer has written a fun-loving picture book in lyrical verse about the main character, a dog named Bellaboo, who dreams of saving the day "in various ways", along with Colby, the other dog, and friends.

The Porch Dream teaches and encourages children to dream, whether big or small and to say please for sweet desserts and veggies, too. Bella's fantasy journey of recycling adventures grows more beautiful with every page of dynamic illustrations, so colorful and bright by this very talented author-illustrator. Tiffany Ann Laufer adds a fresh approach to writing and illustrating children's picture books.

My favorite part of the book is that my sweet grandson and I love spending quality time together reading about this cool dog who saves a cat in full fireman's attire. My grandson LOVES animals, trucks, and food. Each special drawing teaches him a new lesson and experience about himself and his surroundings. Tiff has a universal win-win with this wonderful book for kids. A great bedtime book as well. A fine addition for home and school libraries.

The Porch Dreaming dog, I give it 5 stars! I look forward to reading more from Tiff Laufer.

The Porch Dream (Bellaboo and Friends)

Here are a few facts about the book and author:

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Bellaboo Books; 1ST edition (October 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0982008821
  • ISBN-13: 978-0982008829

About The Author:

The Acorn  1st place Winner Twin Rivers Film Festival

 Tiffany Ann Laufer met her muse and the subject of her children's books at the Cleveland Animal Protective League. Tiffany went back three times and each time Bellafonte Dixie Daisy dog was there waiting for her. Some things are meant to be.

Tiffany attributes her love of art and drawing to spending long days at the Cleveland Museum of Art as a child.
Tiffany also holds an MFA in cinematography from The American Film Institute and has shot numerous short films, music videos and the feature film "Christmas at Maxwell's". Tiffany is also a screenwriter, her script 'Emily & the Blue Heron' was a semi-finalist in the Sundance Writer's Lab. Her latest film, The Acorn Penny is just now entering the film festival circuit. ( The Acorn Penny is Bella dog's first film and Tiffany's first submission to the Sundance Film festival!

When Bella dog takes a break from acting she loves to read (even to just look at the pictures), chase squirrels and lounge on the porch. Tiffany likes to eat pesto, learn Italian and draw polar bears.

For more information about  TIFF LAUFER, visit her site (

The Porch Dream | Book Trailer by author Tiffany Ann Laufer 

 What Other's Say:

"The Porch Dream," a popular seller at the Buckeye Book Fair this year, is a dog's (named Bellaboo, Bella for short) poetic dream of saving the earth through recycling adventures. A wonderful fantasy of recycling adventures and dreams of trash-rescuing permeate "The Porch Dream" in all its wonderful colored illustrations. Just how Bella imagines ways to save the world from "packages, parcels and postage, deliveries, drop-offs and more, but dreaming of sheep she also adored..." and including "Egg beaters, buttons, bananas and lamps, cameras, compost, carrots and stamps. Our recycling adventures have made us champs!" Bella's porch dream grows ever more fantastic, and ends with a beautiful bubble vision, Bella awakening to the day on the porch with her friend Colby to find that once again they were indeed saving the day "in various ways." "The Porch Dream" is faithful to its promise and takes dreaming images to a new level in its lovely illustrations and poetry.
Midwest Book Review

Happy Reading and Dreaming Big,
(Pleasant dreams to one and all)

-- LadyD

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” — C. S. Lewis

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