Friday 56: Papa, My Father

LadyD Books is participating in the 4th week of The Friday 56 meme hosted by:


*Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56.
*Find any sentence that grabs you.
*Post it.
*Link it here.

It's that simple.

 "Still the dictionary definition of the word (philanthropy) is simply, one who shows goodwill toward all, whose actions and efforts are directed toward promoting human welfare."
From the book, Papa, My Father by Leo Buscaglia

I just love the entire 56 page of this wonderful book but here's a little bit more that I just had to share with you...

"No other father in the neighborhood went door to door with zucchini or gave wine to the teacher. Why couldn't my papa be like other father's and just not be so visible? Why did he have to be so prominent in the neighborhood?"
Happy Friday!
-- LadyD

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