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Unto the Hills
My Thoughts:

This softcover devotional book was written by the much-beloved minister of the gospel, Billy Graham.  It was originally published 25 years ago & has now been brought back into print for a new generation of readers.

Featuring 365 daily readings, this book offers an inspiring collection of comforting thoughts from one of the world's best known & most beloved evangelists. Written in Graham's easy-to-read style, Unto the Hills, draws on the spiritual insights that come from the author's lifetime of Bible study & worldwide ministry.

This is a great book to start each day by reading a little of God's word into your life every morning or evening or mid-day and be inspired and encouraged. It's very uplifting to meet with God early each morning.

For anyone that has a busy life, this type of book makes it a lot simpler to read, and apply to everyday life. The language that is used is down to earth and simple to understand. 

The devotional helps to put things in another point of view, with clear and direct language like knowing when to turn the other cheek, or when to step in and take over, or when to  be alone and let God lead the way.

The Devotionals are listed by date because it is easy to follow and you can pick this book up at any time and start reading. When the book arrived in the latter part of 2010, I read the last half of the book straight through and was impressed by this gifted author. 

I especially like the daily short story or reference in life today found on each page about a topic (drawn from Billy's own experiences) followed by the way each the story relates to Biblical truth and to our daily lives, concluding with a prayer. 

This is a great devotional! It gives you a snippet of faith each day. Billy Graham has a way of making one think, ponder and reflect, then savor the beauty of God's word. I highly recommend this devotional, to get oneself into the practice of faith, hearing the word of God.

I think this book makes an amazing gift for anyone looking for inspiration, encouragement with renewed hope and faith.

My thanks to Thomas Nelson publishers for providing Unto the Hills by Billy Graham for review. I'm excited to have this book for the New Year.

Book Description

The classic 365-day devotional from Billy Graham, now back in print.
No matter your place in life, this classic collection of devotional readings is designed to bring you daily to that special place of renewal— to help you pause and gaze "unto the hills" for help and inspiration.

Each of the 365 daily readings in this inspiring collection offers a carefully chosen passage of scripture, a brief, thoughtful message from Dr. Graham, and a heartfelt prayer composed especially for this book. Distilled from a lifetime of study and ministry, these devotionals supply daily food for thought about living fruitfully and joyfully in an often fretful world.

Simple, direct, encouraging yet challenging, this book offers itself as a heartening companion for your daily walk in the valley. This collection is a gentle but constant reminder that we can find help for all our needs as long as we remember to look up . . . unto the hills but especially unto the Lord.

***** star rating.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a fabulous year.
Here’s to a year filled with unending joy.

-- LadyD

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