Wordless Wednesday: Quilts for Queensland

LadyD Books: Quilts

LadyD Books: Quilts

LadyD Books: Quilts

LadyD Books: Aunt Margaret Quilt

Margaret Quilt: LadyD Books

House Quilt: LadyD Books

Sewing Quilt: Aunt Margaret l LadyD Books

Quilt: LadyD Books

Aunt Margaret Quilt: LadyD Books

 Wordful Wednesday: Queensland-Flood-Appeal.

"Australia is a land of contrast and extremes. After a decade of below average rainfall along most of the East coast of Australia, large areas of Queensland and northern New South Wales are now inundated with flood waters.  Eight people are confirmed dead, many more are missing after flash flooding, and whole communities have been devastated."


To help make a difference to families who have lost everything Toni from Make It Perfect is organizing a Queensland Flood Appeal Auction.   On Monday 17th January, Toni will have a master list of bloggers who are running auctions from their blogs or Facebook, selling products that they've made.  The Auctions will be open for 1 week to allow for plenty of bidding time, and will close at midnight on Monday 24th January.

Toni has asked for bloggers who would like to support the appeal to contact her, twitter, facebook or blog about it - basically, get it out there.  See details here.

 I  love to quilt. The above photos are wall hangings. Perhaps you have some bed quilts laying about. Basically, my prayer is for the flood victims... may they be comforted in their time of need. I just wanted to get the word out to all my tribe to pass the word on... Quilts for Queensland. Thank you!

-- LadyD

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