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 Wordful Wednesday

I LOVE the opening line, "My mother worked so late at the Blue Tile Diner that Grandma and I fell asleep in our big chair waiting for her." A Chair For Always, written by Vera B. Williams is close to my heart because I am a Grandma and indeed, I have a favorite chair. My granddaughter learned to roll-over. Ah yes, gravity. Way to go baby!

Have you read this book? The inside flap reads:

"There are some things that Rosa just knows. She knows that she can't wait to meet her new baby cousin, due to be born at any minute, right upstairs. She knows that she will grow up and move away and maybe go to college, and perhaps even become the president of the United States. And she knows that the chair -- that wonderful, beautiful chair, the chair for her mother -- will always be there.


Just the way it is. Covered in velvet with roses all over it, ready, for who-knows-what new adventure..."
 You will find the depth of feeling in such a simple 5* children's book

Here's one review:

“Soft, brightly colored gouache art…affectingly captures the close bond among family members as they celebrate a new arrival and an old friend: Rosa’s treasured chair. The bustling scenes of family life that stuff the pages of this warm intergenerational story should prove irresistible.” (Publishers Weekly )

A Chair for Always

Do you have a favorite chair?

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