Wordless Wednesday: Spring Ahead

 Wordful Wednesday

Not only did I remember to "Spring Ahead" and set my clocks forward an hour but much to my surprise, I found many of my Freesia bulbs popping up with their sweet fragrance, along with my Azalea, majestically in bloom. Indeed, in other parts of the States, there is hope that Spring is around the corner and just ahead for many!


Their elegant form and long vase life endear them to anyone who arranges flowers, professionally or otherwise. Freesia is most famous, however, for their intense sweet citrusy perfume, which can envelop an entire room. If fragrance is your thing, these blossoms are guaranteed to delight. 

Freesia flowers open in sequence along arched stems, providing a long blooming period. Their thin, spiky foliage, typical of many South African natives, blends well with plants that have a fuller silhouette. Blooming freesias provide some of Mother Nature's best aromatherapy.


Many parts of the country can experience up to 9 months a year of flowers.
Plus these new Azaleas are evergreen, not deciduous. So when you do see foliage in the winter, it's rich and vibrant. The Azalea has long been a hardy and versatile plant. Traditional varieties bloom once or twice a year with abundant flowers. They look good for a few weeks, then spotty or bare for many months. Encore Azaleas bloom thick with long lasting colors to choose from. Plus they are hardy and easy to grow. Use them where ever you need a hedge, ground cover or just want to add some color.
Azaleas blend perfectly in modern or traditional gardening atmospheres.

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