5 Reasons to Join Business 2 Blogger

While visiting a friend’s blog online, I noticed a professional-looking blog button that immediately caught my eye. After clicking on the well-designed button, I was taken to the Business 2 Blogger website.

When I arrived on their landing page, this is what I learned:

1. Business 2 Blogger provides a FREE service to both bloggers and small businesses. One can easily sign up to receive information on paid blogging opportunities. You have a choice of Basic and Preferred accounts. Both are free accounts but the only difference is that a Preferred member writes a review post on their blog and adds a banner or button for Business 2 blogger on their site.

2. Business 2 Blogger provides blogging opportunities, not more than once per day, through email. My understanding is that at this point, it’s usually around 3 times a week. Preferred bloggers receive emails 4 hours before Basic users.

3. Business 2 Blogger offers Preferred bloggers the chance to be featured. If you post a blog about Business 2 Blogger, you will get a link back to their website from the Business 2 Blogger Facebook fan page. Some folks who write very informative articles may even be featured on the Business 2 Blogger website.

4. Business 2 Blogger can create a marketing campaign for your business. A business can sign up for either a free campaign or can choose between paid campaigns or B2B Consulting, fitting within any business budget.  Free campaigns allow you to receive blogs from 10 randomly chosen bloggers. Paid campaigns will allow the business access to more bloggers and higher-traffic blogs. B2B consulting allows Business 2 Blogger to completely create a social media campaign to fit your business.

5. Business 2 Blogger provides excellent resources for bloggers. Who wouldn’t want to receive FREE resources all in one place for their blog and business?  To have access to paid blogging opportunities sounds like a dream come true and just what I’ve been looking for. 

You can discover many options and opportunities, too. It's a place where businesses find bloggers to write Product Reviews
Just to give you an idea, here is my recent review and giveaway at Work At Home Ebook
For more information, visit http://business2blogger.com/

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