Baby Bundt Cake

Squirrel Queen recommended a new photo meme and I'm delighted to come aboard Mellow Yellow Monday.

I had no idea just how much "yellow" is in my life. What a happy color it is. 

Bundt Cake: LadyD Books

I have found it on cupcake platters, as well as on top of this yummy baby shower cake for our daughter.

We were doubly delighted to welcome a sweet granddaughter to our world and adding to our 3 grandsons!

Yum... let them all it cake!

If you have the time and are interested in 2 tier cake decorations, visit Bundle of Beauty. 

Plus, one additional resource that I like is a book written by Annie Rigg. I have always liked the name, Annie. Reminds me of the color yellow.

Birthday Cakes for Kids

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