Skywatch Friday: My View

Skywatch Friday: LadyD Books

From my view, on this particular day. Some days are crystal clear and other days, well you just see clouds of gray for miles.

LadyD Books: Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday: LadyD Books
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I am a newbie when it comes to photography but I am learning lots of new things from my Cousin who is a professional photographer. For instance, we had this cool conversation about lighting. 

Backlight = Subject is between the photographer and the sun.

Front light = Photographer is between the sun and the subject. 

Gentle sunlight and when the light loses its intensity.

Hard light has strong, sharp shadows.  Hard light comes when there are no clouds --- just a merciless sun. 

Soft light is when there is an overcast or weak sun.  

There are subdued shadows or no shadows at all.

Each type of light has its own advantages and disadvantages. You learn how to work with each type.  It is fun learning what to do in various light situations. 

Photo #1 - original
Photo #2 - lomo-ish
Photo #3 - hdr-ish

Happy Skywatching! (Thanks, Squirrel Queen for the invite!)

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