Book Review: The Kindness Quilt

The Kindness Quilt, written and illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace, holds a special place in my heart. This wonderful picture book is just right for ages 4-8. I found it at our local library and wanted to share it with my grandchildren. There is a very strong moral lesson here and that is to be kind to everyone. A great book for teachers as well.

Tyrone bunny says, "It shows you can be kind whether you're little or big."

Lindsey bunny said, "We should try to do something kind every day."

The story unfolds with mentioning various fun "kindness projects" that roll into one huge art project, and that is "The Kindness Quilt."

Your toddler will be captivated by the paper-cut collages, along with preschoolers interacting with letters of the alphabet.

 About the The Kindness Quilt

Minna and her classmates have been asked by their teacher, Mrs. Bloom, to work on a Kindness Project. Mrs. Bloom wants them to do and draw and share an act of kindness. Minna and her family do lots of kind things, but Minna can't decide which one is right for her project. Then she starts writing and drawing and cutting--and an idea for a paper quilt picturing many acts of kindness begins to take shape! Important lessons about being kind to each other are depicted in Nancy Elizabeth Wallace's charming artwork using origami, recycled paper, markers, crayons, and colored pencils

Wow, the blessing of giving and receiving random acts of kindness. 5 * book. LOVED it!
The Kindness QuiltChildren's Family Life Books)

Here are a few quilts I've made and given away.

-- LadyD
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