Fresh Mint Leaves

Fresh Mint: LadyD Books

    Use peppermint for medicinal purposes.

Mint Photo Collage: LadyD Books

   Toss mint leaves in a variety of beverages.

Potted Mint: LadyD Books

    Season fruit salads.

Peppermint consists of at least 50 percent menthol and is one of the best sources of the compound; in use for over 2000 years. How to Use Mint

Cooked veggies like peas, corn and carrots can all be infused with mint flavor. Cooking with Mint

While mint and tea go hand and hand, don’t forget that mint is also excellent when paired with fruit juice. Use of Mint Leaves

Being Greek, I just LOVE having fresh mint growing around. I love looking at its textures leaves and smelling the fresh aroma. My mint plants are pot bound because the plant itself is very intrusive. I also enjoy drying the leaves and using them to season roast lamb and kefedes (Greek meatballs.)

Do you have a favorite use for mint?

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