The Friday 56: giada's family dinners

The Friday 56 is a weekly meme hosted by Freda's Voice

Giada De Laurentiis is the author of the bestselling "Everyday Italian." What I like about her is that she uses fresh flavors of her native Italian cuisine. I love her recipes, especially because she uses garlic! lol

Eggplants from my garden

Here's my Pg. 56

"I love big, smooth, purple eggplants, but when I'm looking for a shortcut and don't want to take the time to salt them (which rids them of any bitter flavor), I use the more petite Japanese eggplants-they're the same color but thinner and not bitter."

From giada's family dinners by giada de laurentiis.

Eggplant: LadyD Books

I have  had the opportunity to grow these 3 kinds of eggplant and enjoy them all in many dishes. Perhaps it's an acquired taste and there are texture and taste to consider.

Clock and Eggplant Display: LadyD Books

So, I was wondering, do you like the eggplant? If so, how do you prefer to cook it? So many choices...
roasted eggplant with tomatoes sounds yummy!

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-- LadyD