Book Review: Where The Sunrise Begins

Where The Sunrise Begins by Douglas Wood and illustrated by Wendy Popp is warm and sensitive in words and in art.

About The Book:

  "The world is always turning, turning toward the dawn. And although nights can be dark and long, each day brings a brand new sunrise. But where does the sunrise begin? In the words that have made him an inspiration to children and adults across the country, Douglas Wood shares with us an answer that shines as bright as any sunrise. And offering the perfect illumination to his text are Wendy Popp's gorgeous portraits, which tell a tale of children around the world and the beauty a simple day can have, from sunrise to sunset. So where does the sunrise begin?"

My Thoughts

Where does the sunrise begin?

Some say it begins on the mountain.

Some say it begins in the treetop.

Some say it begins in the marsh.

Some say it begins on the lake.

Some say it starts upon the great, rolling sea.

Some say it begins in Africa. Some say it begins in the Far East.

Some say it begins in our own native land.

So where does the sunrise begin? The answer is inside.

***** stars. This is a precious book so dear to my heart.

Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

It has been hot with the temps as high as the 90's in Southern California, balmy and breezy with slight humidity in the air.
I was just wondering... How is it where you are? Stay cool and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

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  1. What a beautiful picture! Oh it's hot here too!

  2. It's finally been warm for a stretch. SO very thankful. My mood has really needed it!


  3. Passing by from WW…didn’t have enough time to finish seeing everyone’s pictures! Very Very BEAUTIFUL indeed!


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