Wordless Wednesday: What's on Your Playlist?

Wordless Wednesday

 Wordful Wednesday

Seth Abramson has played an instrumental role in shaping one of the most successful clubs in New York City.  I love all kinds of music like Jazz, Blues, R&B and Classical. Here are the top ten songs on Seth's playlist. What's on your iPod?

1. "Legs" (off of Let My People Go) - Darondo.

2. "Stuttering" (off of Live at Jazz Standard) - Fred Hersch Pocket Orchestra.

3. Serenade - Toninho Horta... great Brazilian guitar/vocal recordings.

4. "Ocean and The River" (off of Senzo) - Abdullah Ibrahim... beautiful solo piano work by this Zen South African piano master who was discovered originally by Duke Ellington.

5. "Lady Struck" (off of Kids) Hank Jones & Joe Lovano.

6. "The Blossom of Parting" (off of Metamorphosen) - Branford Marsalis.

7. "Knives Out" (off of Day is Done) - Brad Mehidau Trio.

8. "You Are My Sunshine (off of Powell's Place) - Shannon Powell... New Orlean Jazz.

9. "Now, Now" (off of Marry Me) - St. Vincent.

10. "Norleans" (off of Too Damn Hat) - Dr. Lonnie Smith... funky organ trio blues.

 If you're looking for some sites for FREE music, here are a few ways to download:

* Last.fm is known for its intelligent internet streaming radio service, but it also offers up a nice selection of Free MP3 Downloads

* The Live Music Archive or etree.org is a community committed to providing high-quality live recordings, featuring a long list of commercial and indie artists performing live. This is a great place to complement your existing music collection. 

* Amazon.com has a ton of free songs and albums available in their store.  There are so many songs available for free as album-samplers.  

* The Free Music Archive is a movement inspired by open source ideas. Here you’ll find free and perfectly legal music created by mostly indie artists.  

* Muzzie is a site which offers free Japanese music downloads.

* OverClocked ReMix is a huge library of video game music. (my piano students love Final Fantasy)

* mp3.com offers free music downloads. 

* Classic Cat is a directory with links to over 5000 free to download classical performances on the internet, sorted by composer and work.  Download everything from piano to classical guitar songs. 

There's so much more. From my Cd collection to my old vinyl records, I am continually surrounded by tunes. My iPod is docked in my kitchen and goes with me in the car, and along relaxing strolls in the country and about. 

Another site is Pandora Music for easy listening pleasure. 

How about you? What's on your Playlist and where do you find free downloads?

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