From Head to Toe

From Head to Toe by Janice Weaver
 This is a playful history of fashion for ages 9-12.

 Opening Line

From Chapter One: The Naked Truth

"We have been using our clothes - and even our own skin and hair - to express ourselves as long as we have been walking this earth."
Page 56

From The Chapter: Tattoo You

"Tattooing is one of the oldest forms of body art. People have been doing it since at least 8000 B.C., so it was not a great surprise that Otzi was decorated in this way. But scientists couldn't agree on what his tattoos - more than fifty different lines and crosses - meant. Were they tribal markings, proof that he belonged to one group of people and not another? Did they have religious significance and were perhaps evidence that he was killed as part of a ceremonial ritual? Or, the most intriguing possibility of all, were they the marks of an ancient  acupuncture treatment for arthritis, a practice scientists had thought originated in China only two or three thousand years ago?

For now, the debate over the significance of Otzi's tattoos rages on. But the different theories do highlights some of the many reasons people choose - or are forced - to mark themselves in this way. tattoos are probably most commonly used to celebrate a rite of passage - from childhood to adulthood, for example. But they can also be a sign of membership in a group or a symbol of social  undesirability. A tattoo can express religious beliefs, patriotic feelings, or love and devotion. It may even have medicinal significance or be viewed as a mark of beauty."
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Around the world look at clothing,
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Colorful images and lively text reveal that clothing is both functional and decorative and describe how styles of dress have changed around the world and through time.
One of my favorite books. Beautifully designed, well written and thoroughly researched. It is full of fascinating photographs and history.

Usually, I just quote a sentence from the page but the subject of tattoos was intriguing to read about. I've played the keyboard at a biker church before, so I've seen full sleeve tattoos as the biker's ride up on their motorcycles. I see body art everywhere. I wanted to ask... Do you have a tattoo? I do not because, well I just don't want it to hurt! lol

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Q. Do you have a favorite series that you read over and over again? Tell us a bit about it and why you keep on revisiting it?
My Answer is "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series because the writing is heartfelt and many of the stories move me to tears or cause me to laugh out loud and I like that!
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