Pink Cactus, Poem and Song: Quote It Saturday

Pink bloom from succulent plant: LadyD Books
Flowering Cactus

Do you know how many varieties and subcategories there are to the cactus!? Any help in identifying this plant by name is much appreciated. We admire its colorful blooms twice a year.

I always enjoy reading everyone's famous quotes. So much to learn from my visits with you. Poetry is so beautiful to read and listen to with rhyme and composition. I was 'pleased as punch' (pink punch) to find this special children's poem online.

Pink is a rose that sparkles

In the sun.

Pink is a book cover that you read.

Pink is a girl's cheek in the winter.

Pink is one of the colors of the rainbow.

In the sky's night.

Pink is paper that you write on.

Pink is nail polish  that you

Paint your nails with.

Pink is a marker that you color with.

A pink balloon that flies high in

The sky.

Pink is food coloring

That you put on Easter eggs.

Pink could be a girl's headband.

Pink is a shirt that has a heart

On it.

Pink is a warm, fuzzy blanket.

By: Emma K.

Pinkalicious and the Pink Pumpkin

Pinkalicious and the Pink Pumpkin

Pinkalicious is on a search to find a pink pumpkin in this pinkerrific new lift-the-flap book! With thirteen flaps that open to reveal hidden surprises on every page, Pinkalicious fans will be perfectly pleased! 

Breast Cancer Month
 The Pink Panther Movie Theme Song!

I realize when it comes to pink, this is not your typical fall color but I am amazed at how many wide range varieties of hues and pastels can be found in just one color. In fact the more I think on it, I'm in the mood for a sugar cookie with a little bit of pink sprinkled on top!

Enjoy and happy weekend! What fun and interesting memes are you participating in?

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis

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  1. Thats a first, I LOVE your cactus, I don't think I've seen a pink flower to it before so this is refreshing.. So beautiful...

  2. That is the prettiest cactus flower ever! Love this post, I learned something new!

  3. Your flower looks very dangerous yet beautiful. Nice shot!

  4. Thanks so much kind peeps. I think I'm getting the hang of it, using my Nikon D200 but I still need more practice!

  5. I must say, that is the coolest cactus I have ever seen. Great capture! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love the Pink poem! Great Quote It!

    Here are my quotes:


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