Wordless Wednesday: Come for Coffee and Dessert

Wordless Wednesday

Damask Cup and Saucer Set

 Wordful Wednesday

I have fond memories of my mother extending a charming invitation to neighbors, family and friends into our home for a delightful coffee and dessert get together! Mom would set up a coffee bar and let the folks stir up and prepare their own combination.
First, I can remember my parents starting with a serve-yourself table setting. They kept it simple for hosting, as well as clean up.

The Basics

Regular coffee
Decaffeinated coffee
Greek coffee
Assorted teas Cocoa
Carafes of hot water
The toppings were always fun to sample as a kid. I guess one could compare it to going to a yogurt shop and adding specific toppings.


Grated chocolate
Chocolate-covered espresso beans
Cinnamon sticks
Grated lemon and orange zest
Caramel topping
Sugar cubes
Mini marshmallows
Some of my relatives from the Midwest and back east would always add syrups or liqueurs to their cup of coffee. Although a bit sweet for my taste, it sure changes the flavor in a nice way.




Butter rum
French Vanilla
Irish cream
Half-and-half or milk
Now adding that special topping will finish off your cup of coffee quite nicely!

Flavored Whipped Cream

Strawberry extract
Raspberry extract
Chocolate Syrup
Ground Cinnamon

Another childhood memory of mine was listening to the older generations of Greek women turning their little coffee cup (damask cup and saucer set) upside down, allowing the grounds to make their way down to the tiny saucer. Once placed upright, the woman would proceed to study the muddy pattern and tell my fortune.

The story was always fascinating to hear but as a youngster, I just wasn’t going for it. I had determined that no one could predict my future because I was on a journey making my own free will choices with my heavenly father watching from above. So much for some tradition or superstition, I suppose.

If you are a coffee lover, you probably have a preferred favorite in mind. My brother-in-law has an Espresso Machine and loves his coffee very strong. With these modern times, one can have the right compact, colorful espresso machine, such as Pixie and Essenza , plus the Lattissima model that can customize every cup you make! You just have to wait a little while.

When you pop into any Starbuck’s shop, you will gaze upon a menu that offers Cappuccino. It is made when espresso is carefully mixed with a small amount of steaming hot milk. Where as with a latte there is more milk than foam. You can also order a cup of hot or iced coffee to go as well! Starbuck’s continues to grow with billions of dollars in sales as it reaches global markets and its focus to be environment friendly.

You might think that coffee first originated in South America since that is where the world’s supply comes from but coffee beginnings surprisingly started from Ethiopia. The word “coffee” itself originates from the Arabic word “qahwa” which means “prevents sleep”.
Oh yes, I seem to do my best writing after a cup of steaming hot coffee. I am now percolating, ready to go and greet another warm, beautiful day! How about you? As for a choice of dessert that fits perfectly and goes nicely with a cup of Greek coffee, trust me on this when I say, a slice of baklava will be divine!

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“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis

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