Book Review: Itamar Makes Friends

Itamar Makes Friends: A Children's Story of Jewish Brotherhood

I was fortunate to win this wonderful picture book, written by Josh Hasten and illustrated by S.Kim Glassman, from LibraryThing. Let me tell you a little about it:

Eight year old Itamar lives on a yishuv, small villiage in Israel. He loves to milk goats, shear sheep, and most of all to play soccer. When he goes to visit his cousins in the big city, he meets boys who are totally different from him- or are they?
Itamar makes Friends; A Children's Story Of Jewish Brotherhood
My Review

In today's world, we live in such troubled times of conflict and tension. In this simple yet profoundly strong text, emerges a storyline with a heartfelt message. That is, stressing the importance of accepting each other and our differences regardless of where we live, what we believe in, our worldviews or even our religious beliefs.

The author wrote this story because of the bad tensions that are among the people in Israel. It is amazing how one State the size of Rhode Island has suffered so much turmoil throughout history. And yet, the story declares a universal message that must be heard of love, respect and friendship.

I love this book. It is a treasure. ***** stars! Thank you, Josh Hasten for your warm note and book list towards the back of the book.

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November is Picture Book Month

As most of you know, I am a grandmother of 4 and I mostly review picture books. I love them dearly because the little people and I bond together while engaging in a story. We love reading together (we cuddle) and point to all the lovely pictures. The memories last forever with each page being turned. Some may find picture books a bit boring but I have fallen in love with each and everyone that I read.

Do you remember your first picture book? Do you have a favorite?

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