Quote It Saturday: Purple Cow

I won't eat any cereal that doesn't turn the milk purple.” 
-- Bill Waterson

This donut has purple in the middle, purple is a fruit.
-- Dan Castellaneta 

I never saw a Purple Cow; I never hope to See One; But I can Tell you, Anyhow, I'd rather See than Be One
-- Frank Gelett Burgess 

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I absolutely love the color purple. I think I dream in shades of purple! I've seen the movie, The Color Purple, directed by Mr. Steven Spielberg. I've read the novel, The Color Purple by Alice Walker. How about you?

Purple is a strong color. It goes well with blue and red. It stands well on it's own and is a powerful color, associated with nobility and royalty. I visited a Montessori School and the walls were painted a refreshing shade of lavender. Purple seems to be a healing color as well. How do you feel about it? Are you pleased with purple?

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“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." C. S. Lewis

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