Review: Owlkids-Animal Babies

animal babies
For ages 4 and up
 Book Review:

  Animal Babies is the best educational, engaging and entertaining book about the birth and growth of animals! Everyone will enjoy pulling all of the tabs, flaps, and touch-and-feel illustrations that connect with excellent reading content, written in simple text by Pascale Hedelin and Stephanie Herrbach.

Whether you are studying science,  love animals or have traveled the outdoors, Animal Babies is an excellent, quality book published by Owlkids that is a must for all home and school libraries. You will spend hours interacting and learning about the birth of elephants and giraffes, how a dolphin breathes and what animals do once they have grown up.

My favorite parts of the book are touching an alligator's skin and finding sea turtle eggs in the sand. For an added bonus, you will receive a huge pull-out poster with life-size images of baby animals in the African Savanna, included with book purchase. ***** stars! I have never seen such an amazing book before and highly recommend this one to you!

Animal Babies

Thanks Owlkids for the opportunity to review this marvelous book. It is a treasure to share with my grandchildren. 

With appreciation,

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