Book Review: The Master of Kelmar

 Book III The Master of Kelmar (Description)

With a victory in the Worlds Triad War, Carmen Fox and her Souls of Destiny have brought Kelmar and the worlds of the afterlife back into harmony with one another. But soon after the war’s end, a vengeful dark sorcerer returns to power in the Kelmarian Parliament, and his reign threatens the very existence of the realm, and all who inhabit it.

Carmen’s oath to protect her world is put to the ultimate test, as she leads a massive rebellion to overthrow the Head of State, and prepares for a new role in the leadership of Kelmar. Her duties as Guardian take her on an epic journey across the realm, where friends and enemies ultimately collide in the greatest conflict in magical history--and the stakes have never been higher.

Can Carmen discover the courage and power she needs to lead her allies over their strongest opponents yet, and conquer the last challenge standing in her way of securing her destiny? The final battle to save Kelmar brings the young sorcerer’s adventure to an extraordinary conclusion.

My Review

People are celebrated in our culture for accomplishing something special, like George Washington winning the Revolution. In the world of fantasy, Laura Sepesi, the author of the Kelmar Trilogy, creates a spectacular conclusion for the main character, Carmen Fox, whose destiny and purpose is fulfilled in saving magical Kelmar from the forces of evil. If you like powerful battle scenes with dynamic spells and charms, plus a brilliant story line woven around parliaments, pyramid cities and interaction with unicorns, dragons and the souls of destiny,  add this one to your library because you won't be able to put it down. Book 3 is a real page turner, highly imaginative, where you visit another place and time. I am a huge fan of good over evil, reunions taking place in heaven and on earth.  Laura Sepesi's writing will leave you speechless because this is not your typical "The Good Knight" and "The Evil Dragon" fantasy.

Wow... Courageous and Impressive! ***** stars! 

I look forward to reading more from this brilliant, young author. 

The Master of Kelmar (Volume 3)  

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